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I have already finished the game twice, either with the ending where Nima and the Hardings survive, or the ending where just the Hardings leave the island. Is there any way to have more team-members survive as well, like Oscar, Yoder, or Sorkin?
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  • I don't believe so. Oscar, Yoder, and Sorkin have only a one-way function, there is never an option for any of those characters to "choose" one path or another that could save their life. I believe only Nima has that split second choice, between saving Jess or the canister.
  • Both Nima and Gerry have split-endings.

    If Nima chooses the can, she dies.

    If Gerry misses the jump, he dies.

    If both die, Jesse goes off alone and is seen crying.

    If Nima and Gerry live, it's a happy ending.

    If Gerry lives, and Nima doesn't, Jesse is sad that Nima died.

    If Gerry dies, and Nima lives, Jesse is sad that her dad died.
  • If they were to survive it would screw with the whole story.

    I got Gerry and Jess alive.
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