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Monkey Island - Rock Versions!

posted by Albo Abourt on - last edited - Viewed by 3.6K users
Hey, Telltale fellas!
I waited for a long time before open this thread. I hoped to have more material to present you, but there was work, university, so I hope this few videos could be enough.

I don't know if this is spam, I just want to share my project with you! Eventually, no problem! :)

I love Monkey Island's music themes. I love rock music too, and then I thought to realize the Rock Versions of Monkey Island themes!

Here is a presentation of my project:
And here, my favourite cover, the Main Theme:

I have a respectable number of ready themes. Some of this there's already on Youtube. The other themes needs a mixing and filming.
Here's a list of ready themes and some in progress:

- Main Theme (Ready: uploaded)
- Woodtick - Wally's Theme (Ready: uploaded)
- Stan's Theme (Ready: uploaded)
- Lechuck's Theme (Ready: uploaded)
- EXTRA: Green T and the Sushi splatter: (Ready: uploaded)
- Scumm Bar (Ready: uploaded)
- Phatt Island Jail (Ready: uploaded)
- The Bone Dance (Ready backing Track: missing voices, mixing and films)
- Scabb Island's Crypt (There's only the drums track)
- Captain Dread's Theme (Ready: uploaded)
- Le Singe's theme (Missing Bass track and mixing)
- Barbery Coast (Ready: uploaded)
- Rapp Scallion theme (Ready backing Track: missing 2nd guitar)

So, I will update you on my progress.
Hope you have time to take a look at my work, and of course, I hope you like it! :)

Thank you !
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