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Discussion About the Journal

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Hey all! I haven't really seen many people talking about the journal entries so I thought I'd make a thread for it.

Whoever hasn't read them yet is really missing out. They explain a lot! :D Although, I guess every discrepancy with the science of the franchise could pretty much all be explained by bringing up Dr. Wu's frog DNA.

Any thoughts on the journal?
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  • Is this the same journal that comes in the deluxe edition?
  • The one I'm talking about is in the game itself, which I assume is the same across all platforms. It contains 16 pages, if I'm not mistaken, with sketches of various species and writings from Dr. Sorkin. The deluxe version may or may not have a physical copy of this, but I do see a glimpse of similar sketches in the product image for the deluxe copy, so maybe. Anyway, the one I'm really referring to is the one in the game that you unlock while playing the game.
  • yes I read it, it talks about the dilos spiting venom due to splicing I think;)
  • The journal is pretty neat. Though it is half-scientific fact vs. possible gene splicing and half-Dr. Sorkin vs. John Hammond. The only thing I didn't like about the game is that, if you take everything at face value and not think of what's likely happening behind the scenes at InGen, it casts Hammond in a very unflattering light that's more suited to the novel's version of Hammond.
  • I guess I didn't really pick up on the Hammond being a jerk stuff. I've always loved Hammond's eccentricity so I'll probably still love him no matter what. Even though he makes so many terrible decisions it's always out of a good-natured heart. :) I would almost say the game painted Dr. Sorkin in a more unfavorable light, though in actuality probably the most realistic light. A well intentioned extremist kind of thing. Then there's Dr. Wu who is pretty much always in a bad light.

    About InGen's faults: I think most fans will probably eventually realize it's mostly shady stuff on InGen's side, and their lawyers:mad: lol, that led to such poorly managed situations. Hammond was crazy, but not like that.
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