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National Novel Writing Month

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For those who don't know: National Novel Writing Month is a yearly challenge in which participants write at least 50,000 words of a story in November.

Anyone else doing it this year? The forums just came back up, so I'm excited. Last year was the first year I succeeded and properly enjoyed myself, and I'm hoping to succeed again.

Don't know what I'm writing about yet, exactly. I have a setting, and it's science fiction themed, but I don't really have a plot or characters.
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  • Follow up excerpt:

    Yet there was one who seemed to thrive, unaffected by the heat almost entirely. His body was not covered in the glistening sweat that seemed to blanket other runners, despite the fact that he had been running for hours. His hair seemed almost still perfectly in place, with no sign of moisture matting it together. Finally, despite his hours of running, he seemed as vigorous as he had hours before, his pace steady, his legs propelling him down the stretch of street pavement. He veered off toward the left, cutting toward a trailhead that marked the beginning of a local park whose trails stretched for miles. This was his usual routine, one he ran almost four times a week. His legs took him down the slight decline, toward the shade of the trees and the paths of the park, jogging past a pair of athletic looking individuals. One woman, one man, the duo waved to the jogger as he passed. It was typical courtesy among joggers, a comraederie they found with one another. That comraederie was found in marathons and 20k runs, as people encouraged one another with smiles and waves, urging each other to the finish line. He smiled at them in return as he blazed past, vanishing into the park.

    As soon as he was a short distance past them, just out of earshot, the woman turned toward her partner. "So Jack. What are you thinking?"

    "Not sure Jill." He shrugged, eyes trailing the jogger as the young man turned around the bend. "Thermal conversion of some sort. Not sure we have a term for it."

    "But a Gamma, for sure."

    "As far as I can tell. We haven't seen any signs of him demonstrating violent power. He just seems capable of soaking up sun and converting it without needing to cool down. It'd be interesting if we could determine how his powers work but, this seems like a case of minimal intervention."

    She nodded. "So, do we go after him?"

    "You want to run him down?" Jack chuckled, patting his stomach. "I'm in good enough shape to run, but there's no way me or you could chase him down. Don't forget, he doesn't get tired as long as the sun's out, from everything we've seen."

    "Alright then. We wait for night, then we move. The only question is, where do we find him? Where does our runner go once the sun goes down?"

    "Good question."

    Jill looked back up the trail, toward the street. "He's always running around the university. I'd be willing to bet he attends. If so, we might be able to get to him during classes. Maybe at a game or a track meet."

    "We've got his face on file. If he's at the university, we'll find out. They've got visual IDs of every student they've got." Jack glanced downwards, removing a phone from his pocket and dialing into it. "I'll put in a request with SINAI and have them cross reference the school database."
  • A random excerpt from the middle of the beginning of what I've written, because the intro is far too long to stick in a post. Also, this is a much better example of my weird writing style than the beginning.


    Frankly, though, getting any straight answers out of the man was a challenge at best and an exercise in futility at worst.

    He'd probably have to get him drunk first, he thought, viciously skewering another pickle with one, very sharp claw.

    Vassago filed that task under Things He Would Regret Doing But Had To Try Anyway. It was a new mental folder, but filling up much faster than expected.

    "Eh...heh...heh...I was wondering...heh...if I might borrow that jar...heh...I got a new brain and that jar...looks just the right size..."

    The pickle Vassago had been about to eat slipped off his claw, back into the jar with a soft plop. Suddenly, he didn't really feel like eating anymore. He also had another addition to his aforementioned folder: his newest employee.

  • Here's my start... still not sure if I'll continue through the month, but if I don't try I won't know...

    The Tayle Of A Confused Vampyre

    Timothy thought the afterlife would be simple. Well, simpler than his actual life, anyway. He stared at where his reflection should have been in the mirror and scratched his nose. Waking up undead was supposed to solve all of his problems. He’d read the books, seen the movies. You’d have to be living under a rock not to. One nip on the neck and you become a gorgeous Vampyre, with teenage girls falling at your feet. Well, the books and movies lied. Nobody was falling at his feet. Except that one time, and Timothy was pretty sure it’d been the rock she tripped over, and not his rakish charm and good looks.

    He sighed and plumped down onto his bed. This was definitely not the way it was supposed to be. He should be out prowling through the night, instead of watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory in his bedroom. He stared at the cold pizza, willing it to taste…like anything but cardboard. He was disappointed… again. He wiped a stray piece of cold cheese from his lip. Of course, it could just be the pizza, not the undeadness. To be honest, those pizzas were never that great. He grinned, that thought cheering him a little.

    He folded his arms behind his head and stared at the ceiling. What he needed was advice. But from where? He wasn’t exactly best friends with any Vampyres… either they were avoiding him or there weren’t any around. Or… the other option was that they were right there and he had no clue. He supposed that could be right, nobody had a clue he was a ‘creature of the night’. He grinned again, he loved that phrase – creature of the night – it conjured up some great imagery. He looked over at his creature of the night screensaver, blinking away merrily on his monitor. He’d made that in Photoshop. It’d taken ages to find all the clip art of zombies and werewolves and stuff, and arrange them all around the dripping blood font. But the most time consuming of all had been cutting the background away from his own photo and placing it prominently on there.

    Staring at the screen, Timothy had a brain wave. Of course! He could get all the information a Vampyre could need online! He started googling, but none of the searches brought up anything interesting, except ‘sexy lady vampyres’ but that site was a whole other thing. He bookmarked that one for later. But all the other stuff… it was just endless chatter about how sexy teenage Vampyres were, or it was the deep old stuff about garlic and stealing virgins. Timothy was sure he wasn’t sexy sparkly, and really sure he didn’t want to steal a virgin. Well… fairly sure. He spent several minutes thinking about it, to be absolutely sure.
  • I really enjoyed that, made me laugh. Keep up the good work you are really good at it. :)
  • So, anybody actually finish one?
  • Nope. But I wrote more than 50 K in papers during November.
  • Final word count: 0

    I should have done something.
  • I almost got to the end of the first segment of mine. Counting what I wrote earlier...I'd say I got about 35k. And just because NaNoWriMo is over doesn't mean I'm going to stop any time soon.
  • 0 for me to, I just hit a dead end in my self and I saw no point. So much for my early enthusiasm.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    So is anyone here taking part in Script Frenzy this April? It's a challenge made by the people behind NaNoWriMo where you try to write 100 pages of scripted material for screenplays, stage plays, web series, TV shows, short films, or graphic novels.

    I've been thinking about it for a few years, and I've decided to try making a graphic novel this year. :)
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