[JP Mac] Error loading game, claims I'm not online

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Hi all!

Once the installation finished I tried starting it up, I get to a splash screen (which I presume would contain the login or episodes if all went well). This splash screen tells me that I'm not online, which is needed for activation.

I've got a decent connection, 100Mbit/s fiber, which serves me well.
I'm running the latest Mac OS X on a Mac mini (aug 2011) w/ i5 2,5GHz, AMD Radeon HD 6630M, 8GB RAM & 120GB SSD.

I'm also running the server app, but I'm having a hard time seeing how that would affect me. I mean, my DNS etc. work fine for everything else. Do the game activate through a specific port? I'll try activating NAT PMP later on (this let down made me intake my need for dinosaurs through movies instead)…but I think that's irrelevant since I've had no problems with other games, like BTTF.

Anyone else who've had this problem?


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    Found this thread now (would've seen it earlier if better named):

    Similar problem, though on a PC. I'd really like a solution to this…
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    Update: Managed to fix it!

    I headed to my account's /library/Application Support/Telltale Games/JurassicPark100/ and found a file "prefs.prop". Upon opening it I found plenty of weird symbols (must've been encrypted) and I had no way of understanding it. I also had nothing to loose, so I threw the folder (named "Telltale Games") away.

    It must've been corrupted while installing. Odd thing.
    Anyway, it's late now and I think the game is better enjoyed after a good night's sleep. Sharing this if anyone else stumbles after installation, good luck out there!
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    I did all this, but it still wouldn't work. It appears I do have the same problem you had too, it's a shame... :(
    Anyone else have any ideas? This is my first telltale game and I hope this will be my only problem, but knowing my luck and all the problems others are having, it probably won't, so someone please, please help out! :confused:
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    Check out both your system's library as well as your account's for the Telltale folder, removing the application's settings in both (if both contain settings) should solve the problem.

    If you let me know more about your setup, I might be able to help out.
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