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First trailer and information

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I figured this deserved its own topic. Props to Gibbeynator for finding the trailer in the first place. Behold:

My feelings on the trailer (copied from the previous topic):

I don't watch Law & Order, but it's pretty cool that they're taking all these different versions of L&O and are throwing them together. Not sure about the graphics though, feels like a bit of a step back from more recent Telltale games. Perhaps because Ipod and Ipad seem to be the main platforms this time around (with PC & Mac coming later? A bit weird if true, as the PC-versions have always been there on day 1).

I like that the game has branching storylines based on how you play. Jurassic Park had a little bit of that, which I enjoyed, and Walking Dead seems to have that even more. Very exciting. Oh, and 7 episodes? That's crazy! Maybe they're shorter than what we're used to (which also seems logical if the game is targeted at mobile platforms)?

I'm still not sure if this is a game for me, but can some of the fans (or developers!) recommend me some of the best Law & Order episodes? I'm especially interested if it stars one of the characters of the game, I guess.
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  • "Under the influence" is a good episode showing the balance between procuring and letting your feelings get in the way.
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    RyanKaufman Telltale Staff
    Hey everyone! Thanks for waiting so patiently about news for Law & Order..

    I'm Ryan Kaufman, the senior designer and writer on Law & Order: Legacies. I haven't been around the forums much, but I hope to change that and get more involved.

    I'm starting a Twitter account to post news and trivia as we finish up the game, so you can see it happen real-time. (Sorta.)

    Thanks for hanging in there! I'm really excited about the game and I hope you will be too.
  • Will it be out before Christmas?
  • Huh. Interesting. Here's my thoughts.

    Before I begin, let me say that I know next to nothing about Law and Order, so this is Telltale's first game where I can't speak as a fan of the franchise. Maybe someone who loves L&O would have a better impression from this than me, maybe they'd have a worse one. I don't know.

    -The cel-shaded graphics are nice. Telltale still has a way to go when it comes to realistic graphics. Jurassic Park looked good but not great. The cel-shaded look lets the game look realistic and cartoony at the same time. I wouldn't mind if they used that style for The Walking Dead and Fables (it'd make things look...comicky).

    -Gameplay seems kind of like Phoenix Wright. Which I fucking love. This might even be a decent way for me to fill the void since Capcom seems to have given up on bringing AA to the States.

    -Seven episodes? That's a lot. Unless these are shorter than your usual episode, that would make this Telltale's biggest game yet.

    -Branching paths and multiple endings? If they deliver, this is actually getting kind of promising.

    At the same time, though, I see some bad stuff.

    -That "You don't have to be a gamer to play" remark. Given how BttF and JP were both ultimately disappointments because of how watered-down they were for the casual crowd, that's a BIG red flag. I guess that remark could apply to adventure games as a whole, though, since they emphasize intellectual challenges over action and don't have any complex controls. If I was trying to introduce someone who's never played a video game before (like an older person...who likes watching cop dramas...) to, say, Monkey Island, I might say the same thing. Nevertheless, that sentence is a huge cause for alarm.

    -Releasing it for the iThing 4.0 G before the PC (and no mention of consoles at all). Call me biased, but I sort of feel as adventure game developers Telltale should give top priority to the system that's been the genre's home for so long. I get why Telltale's started putting as much as they can on the App Store, but I hope they don't start thinking of themselves as a full-on maker of iGames. I'd rather be associated with the system that gave us Myst and Half-Life than the one that gave us Angry Birds and Fart Button. :p
  • I agree that it's disappointing to hear that it's coming out on iStuff first and PC later. But hey, it's just waiting a little longer. Won't be that big of a deal as long as I can avoid spoilers.
  • The website is available as well:

    It has the trailer, some screenshots, information on the first 2 episodes and on the characters. The site also confirms that there will be 7 episodes.
  • The plots for the first 2 episodes sound like the Rupert Murdoch Phone Hacking Scandal and the Michael Jackson/Conrad Murry case.
  • On the TTG youtube video of the trailer


    It feels like there trolling my Jack McCoy obsession.:p (Also you spelt McCoy wrong).
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    harrisonpink Telltale Alumni
    coolsome wrote: »
    It feels like there trolling my Jack McCoy obsession.:p (Also you spelt McCoy wrong).

    McCoy is what makes that show. You aren't alone coolsome ;)
  • I dislike the artstyle direction.

    Otherwise, looks pretty good.
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