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Do your parents like adventure games?

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Now there are times where parents are into video games, however it would depend on which one of course. But does anyone have parents that like adventure games? This is going for outside the box of Telltale's games of course. I know my dad did enjoyed Playing Myst and The Dig once.
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  • My mom used to play Mario with me all of the time but now she doesn't play any. Every once in a while she still plays Mario, but by "Every once in a while" I mean like maybe once in a years time.

    My grandmother doesn't play games at all aside from facebook games.

    And my grandfather is the type that just wants to blow shit up and doesn't pay attention to stories. Whenever I play a game with a lot of dialog he makes a joke about it being more like a movie and then dismisses it. Though when I was younger we played Pajama Sam together.

    So, no, not really.
  • I'm fairly lucky as my family likes adventure games. My Dad got me and my brother into them as little kids on the old Commodore 64 (including Star Trek text adventures none of us could finish). Once me moved to Aus and got a new computer, we were off with Sierra Quests, LSL and Monkey Island. When we were stuck on the Secret of Monkey Island for months, it was Dad who worked out how to melt the jail lock. Every year for Xmas, my brother and I got a joint adventure game, and we'd be huddled around the computer installing it Xmas night (except the few times it wouldn't work and we'd have to wait for a computer upgrade). Dad had to time us - an hour each - or we'd spend our time fighting over whose turn it was. Except when one of us solved a hard puzzle and got ahead of the other, then we'd play together... until we started fighting over the mouse.

    My brother went onto shooter games and consoles, but still liked to play the new TOMI. I'm trying to convince him to play Sam and Max, and he wants to play BTTF. My Dad still likes to play adventures, but prefers to watch telly. He did play TOMI when it came out though. My Mum spent all these years shaking her head and saying she couldn't understand these games. Last year she saw me playing an interactive hidden object game and before I knew it she's taken over and finished it. At first she only did the hidden object scenes, but now she she can solve puzzles and use inventory etc. Any day now she'll be on adventure games...
    doodo!;528917 said:
    Do they talk to the mouse?

    Uh, computer? Ah, computer?

    Use the damn keyboard!

    Aah, Voyage Home flashbacks...
    MusicallyInspired;528963 said:
    It's quite disheartening to see so many people whose parents are as computer-challenged as they are in this day and age. I feel lucky to have been brought up by a technology buff.
    I feel the same way - we'd had computers since i was very young and I'm glad to have been brought up using them.
    corruptbiggins;529125 said:
    My parents can use computers to a respectable degree but I am often used as free tech support!
    Same here - my Dad is always asking about a virus he got, or that something doesn't work. Trouble is I'm not trained or anything, and half the time I have to google the problem. I tell him this and tell him to google it himself, but no luck!
  • My mom does, but she plays them with a walkthrough handy because she hates being stuck and just wants the story.
  • Yeah. A bunch of adventure games I played I only got to play because my mother bought them. My dad doesn't have much time for videogames though, and I don't remember adventure games being his style. He was more of a NES kind of person last I remember. Of course, that's because it was at the time of the NES.
  • Well, in terms of liking them, my Mum thinks they are good games, but doesn't play them, she pretty much goes by my descriptions of them and what she's seen when looking over at my computer screen from time to time. I think she's just relieved I'm not playing violent stuff :p
  • My parents bought King's Quest 4 in 1988 or 89. Though they did eventually beat the game, they got dead-ended a few times. First, they didn't give the gems back to the right dwarf before giving them to the fisherman (so they didn't have the lantern to help in the cave); they also used up one of cupid's arrows without realizing that both were one-use, unrecoverable, and absolutely necessary to beat the game (which they only realized their mistake when they got to the point where the second arrow is required, VERY late in the game.)

    Years later, my mother decided to play my copy of KQ5CD (which I acquired after having played a friend's KQ6 on diskette, so idk when it was) and she gave it up as a bad job when I informed her that she missed the cat-chasing-the-rat puzzle and needed to restore so she could redo it.

    Some time last year, my mom showed me that she had bought SOMI:SE for her iPhone, but I don't know if she ever got very far on it.
  • ok my dad is a road trucker, spend his time on the roads, my mom is divorced from him looking for a job, till we live in the lower peninsula of michigan my mom isn't working, also non of them play video games
  • My dad got me into adventure games, and gaming in general. We used to play the old Sierra Quest games (especially Space Quest) together, on our old Tandy 1000. Later, I got him into the Lucas Arts games as well. He mostly just sticks to the action RPG's these days though, like Baldur's Gate and The Elder Scrolls.
  • My folks hate video games. So that sucks.
  • Dad used to play text adventures, but he doesn't play video games very much nowadays except for Mario Kart with me and my sisters. Mom doesn't play at all anymore, but used to play the A Bug's Life and Toy Story 2 games with me when I was a kid.
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