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The 2D looks or the 3D looks on the characters

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I looked for a conversation about this, and there wasn't anything about it. Now I thought it would be interesting to see this. Now we do now that there are two different style designs for Monkey Island. The 2D looks and 3D looks. I'm not talking about the classic look(the first 2 monkey island games) I'm talking about how the characters looked in Curse Of Monkey Island. And the 3D look(Telltale's game of Monkey Island, not Escape).

Some of the people I know outside the telltale forum thought it was going to suck because they knew it was going to be done with 3D. But when they saw the trailer for it, they were both surprised and impressed with it. So do you guys prefer the way the characters look in 2D or with 3D? You can like both if u want.
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