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delux edition

posted by kasaki89 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
can someone please tell me when i would be getting the delux edition in the mail ?
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    The Deluxe Edition should start shipping pretty soon (the item's page in the Telltale Store has the expected ship date as December 15).
    Depending on where you live, once the package is shipped, transit can take as little as a few days (for continental US) to several weeks (in the holiday period, it's not rare for a package shipped via USPS to take 4 to 6 weeks to reach a foreign country, especially as packages can get delayed by customs).
  • I just got mine today because there is a shipping spot only 3 hours away from me.
  • Got any photo, please ? For waiting europeans.
  • I just mine today!! Awesome! Love the "New Employee Kit" theme!
  • Wow. I have to say, I'm really impressed with the quality of the feelies. This is way more impressive than the Monkey Island and Back to the Future special edition packages and even -- I hate to say it -- the Sam and Max case files. The patch, the ID badge, the map, the field guide -- everything seems to be made of pretty quality material. The only thing printed on cheap paper is the letter from John Hammond, and that makes perfect sense. I love the "new employee kit" theme. This isn't just a random collection of merchandise or props from the game; these are all items that make sense within the "new employee" theme and world of the film franchise. I love the unfolding Jurassic Park door design of the employee brochure/map. I love the bilingual English and Japanese employee information and the fake "Kadok" film advertisement. I haven't looked through the field guide very much yet, but it looks really impressive and really well put together. And pretty thick, too -- it looks longer than I had expected. I love -- and I'm sure Rashing Dashing would love if he had any interest in the game -- that there are InGen logos on everything but not a Telltale or Universal logo in sight.

    The actual game might not have been Telltale's best, but this is a really amazing special edition package. I had completely forgotten about this before it arrived today, and I frankly didn't have very high expectations about it after the last couple special editions and after playing the game itself, but I can honestly say that I'm really impressed with the package.

    My one complaint is that this wasn't shipped inside of another box. When I opened my door this afternoon to check the mail, there was the special edition package itself just sitting there on my doorstep completely open and exposed. My first thought was that one of my neighbors had received it by mistake, opened it and then just left the contents on my doorstep -- which would have been a really weird thing for them to do, but at that moment it seemed less weird than the thought that Telltale would just send the game box itself. But then I noticed that the shipping label was just slapped onto the bottom of the box, and I realized that Telltale had done just that. So now it's kind of annoying that there's just a shipping label with Telltale's and my address stuck to the box. I guess it kind of makes sense, since everything is designed to look like an InGen new employee kit that would have been sent as-is within the world of the game, but it's still really annoying.
  • Hey mateo360, here are some pictures for you of the deluxe edition:
    Faceslasher also uploaded a lot more detailed pictures at:
  • Just got mine today, the packaging was pretty non-descript. Took me a bit to realize it read InGen, and that my Employee's Package had finally arrived.
  • Wow. I did not even get a notification that it shipped. Got home from work a couple minutes ago and saw a non-descript box sitting on my bed, and immediately thought, "Oh lord, what idiot spam-mail company is sending me crap now." And then I saw InGen and flipped out. In a very good way. I love this, especially the LETTER FROM HAMMOND! The whole thing is just fantastic, and as much as I loved the Back to the Future stuff, this stuff is better. I was expecting the Field Guide to just be the same stuff from Sorkin's Journal in the game, and I was surprised to find that that wasn't the case at all. The only problem is that now I have to find something that I will continue to wear time and time again to put the patch on. I am, however, going to try and wear the badge to work on Tuesday.
  • Got mine today. Really cool. Think I'll do an unboxing video or something.
  • Anyone else planning on converting that Temp ID badge into a legit one?
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