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Ask a Monkeyologist: THE GAME - Demo LAUNCHED!

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Quickly, click the image!! :D

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  • Silverwolfpet;545063 said:
    Working on iiiit! I'm waiting for one last shot!

    By the way, what did you guys think of the demo?
    OK, OK, lol.

    I haven't tried it yet, I need some more room on my hard drive, I only have 2 GB left :P
  • I'm actually impressed. I know you guys are good, but this game really proved it even more. I love the backgrounds (credit to whoever made those), both Kauff and Gustav look amazing, great dialogs, and the switching between the two of them works just fine.
    So yes, I'm looking forward to try out the full game. :)
  • Yay, I´ve also written an article about the game (in german), the translation will be hand in later! ;)
  • Yay! Our game will appear at the AdventureX Con! Woohoo!!

    If you're there, take some pictures :D
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    when does the game come out
  • Well... we're not far from that...but not close either. Depends on the amount of projects, really.

    After Doctor Who, I'll focus on Kauff. :)
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    2 more questions
    1.will the full version costs money
    2.if the full version costs money, are you able to preorder it
  • 1. The Full version will consist of 4 or 5 episodes, just like Telltale makes them. I would want to sell it, yes.
    2. I will not be taking pre-orders because the risk would be too high. I do not represent a company full of 200 workers, I am just one dude with three-five friends working on a game. We have no guarantee that we'll finish it... but we want to do our best. After all, we DID launch the demo ^^

    3. How much?

    Well... we'll see. I do have a price in mind, but I cannot put a tag on a product I don't yet have :)

    4. When will you launch episode 1?

    When it will be ready. I honestly have no idea. It took Majus and I about three months to record our voices for the demo... then again, it took our background artist just a few days to complete the backgrounds for the demo, and our animator works so fast it's incredible!

    We'll just have to see. :)
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