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No answer for saving Christmas sale?

posted by Homme Crabe on - last edited - Viewed by 534 users
Hi everyone!
This message is mostly addressed to Telltale support team. I've contacted them 4 days ago to warn them about a trick that allowed anyone to "buy" most of their games for free, a bug in the website that I've unintentionally used and immediately reported (issue-55260) since I'm quite honest. The day after, my account was blocked and I couldn't connect anymore (for no apparent reason), so I guessed that the team has read my message and was working on the issue. I couldn't retrieved my password either... until today. Now my account is working again, without the games I've obtained by mistake (of course). However, I'm a bit sad that, although the support team has read my message, I didn't get any answer such as:
- an explanation on why I couldn't play any of my other games during this weekend,
- an explanation on what I should do to recover my account (i.e. use the "Forget your password" tool),
- or a quick message to tell me if I've been of any help.
You're probably quite busy and maybe I'm not the only one who reported this huge problem, but any message from you I would appreciate! Thank you very much for your attention :)

EDIT: Oh by the way, I get the following message when I want to buy something: "Sorry, your account isn't currently allowed to make purchases from the Telltale Store." So not only I tried to help you avoid losing money, but moreover you prevent me from giving you some?! And still no answer from you... :(
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  • Hi,

    I addressed this with you via email on Saturday. Maybe it got caught in your spam filter?

    We definitely appreciate you helping to bring the issue to our attention, but in the course of our investigation into the overall issue, we found another account attached to your IP address. That account was used to create a dozen separate orders, most of which granted unpaid access to our games.

    The script that we ran on Friday disabled all accounts associated with your IP address while we investigated the issue. The account that you're posting from now was re-activated on Saturday, at which point I sent an email explaining the situation. You shouldn't have any issues with this account now, but please let me know if you do.

    If you, or somebody in your household that's also on your IP, can provide me with proof of payment for the 12 orders on the other account, I would be more than happy to release it.

    As I said in my email to you, which may be in your spam filter as I stated above, we definitely do appreciate your initial email bringing the exploit to our attention. Please send me a PM here if you have any further questions, and I'll be happy to help.

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