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Hi my dear sea-dogs!
My name is Danilo and I'm a member of the Italian Community of fans of Monkey Island.
With Alberto "Albo Abourt", the musician that you've already appreciated on this Forum, and with an italian comic book artist, Christian "Nanni" Nannipieri, we are working on a new project: ULTIMATE MONKEY ISLAND!

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"ULTIMATE MONKEY ISLAND" is an animated graphic novel, re-boot of the Monkey Island saga, twenty one years after the first chapter. The plot is partly based on the original Monkey Island Movie project, as it is shown in the Special Edition Dvd! You will find all the episodes on our youtube channel. All the episodes will have a fan-made dub. Obviously, UMI is a non-profit project, purely fan made.
I hope you can enjoy our project, and if you please, subscribe and visit our web-site:

Here it is the official trailer. The charming voice-over is the famous Nicki Rapp's, aka Morgan LeFlay. Nicki was very kind and professional, helping us with our trailer. Hope you enjoy it!
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