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I have the xbox 360 version of this game and I beat Episode 1 and 2 and went back to get some achievements. Now when I try to load a save it shows the loading screen for a couple seconds then goes black but it does not freeze please help I can't even progress to episode 3 a real game breaker :(
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  • XBox360:
    Finished Episode 2 #7 - The Ride but when the next chapter #8 Sorkin's Lab starts, it's only a static image with music/sounds in background. There it sits and I can't continue. I've pressed every button, but nothing.

    If I go to the episodic screen, it shows that I've finished The Ride but the next chapter is still showing as locked and I cannot advance!:mad::mad:

    Basically, I purchased a game that isn't playable and I'm upset about it.

    I returned the first disc that I had this problem with, and now the replacement disc is doing the exact same thing.
    So it can't be a faulty disc.
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