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    Iv only seen one episode so I can't speculate much. I wonder if it will be episodic gaming or a stand alone.
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    coolsome wrote: »
    I wonder if it will be episodic gaming or a stand alone.

    The blog post says it will be episodic.
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    Pinchpenny wrote: »
    The blog post says it will be episodic.

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    Languages available?
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    English voices with French and German subtitles.
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    Here are the summaries from iTunes:

    Episode 1: Revenge
    A maid at a five-star hotel is found murdered. Benson and Curtis investigate, uncovering a conspiracy involving hackers and powerful media magnates.

    Episode 2: Home to Roost
    A 1999 case. A man collapses on his own doorstep, with a large wound to his femoral artery. Briscoe and Curtis trace the crime to a group of gamblers and a lucrative underground cock-fighting ring.

    Episode 3: Killer Smart
    In 2011, Mike Logan calls the 27th with a problem. He’s been investigating dumped bodies found along a lonely stretch of road in Long Island. The victims are all prostitutes, taken from somewhere in Manhattan.

    Episode 4: Nobody’s Child
    A 1999 case. On New Year’s Eve, an abused and neglected boy dies, and his body is dumped in an alley. Curtis and Briscoe track down his parents, then discover that a charity worker investigated a number of times and never did anything.

    Episode 5: Ear Witness
    2011. A boy and his mother are walking to the market late one night when she is inexplicably gunned down. The boy survives, but can’t identify her attacker – he’s blind. Can he identify the suspect by voice alone, and will it stand up in court?

    Episode 6: Side Effects
    In 1999, a murder at an upscale prep school reveals a conspiracy among the parents and staff to keep another crime quiet. Briscoe and Curtis discover the victim has intriguing connections to the Preppy Jogger case.

    Episode 7: Resolution
    During an anti-Wall Street protest, a businessman is seen being pushed off a bridge. When cops find the body, a suicide note mentions several pieces of key evidence in the Preppy Jogger case.

    Try and guess which headline it was ripped from! Episodes 1, 3, and 7 seem to be rather obvious, though.
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    When is it coming to PC!!!!!!!!
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    Find it terribly insulting that there is no version available for Android!
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