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King's Quest Movie (a wish)

posted by Anakin Skywalker on - last edited - Viewed by 1.6K users
Has anyone else ever wished that a movie based on the KQ games would be made? Given that films like HP and the LOTR and the Hobbit have been made, or are being made in the case of The Hobbit, I don't think making a KQ movie would be impossible. The first two games' movies might need a little tweaking to make them more film friendly, but, if done right, they could be utterly amazing fantasy films.

What would you prefer if a KQ movie was made:

A live action film ala Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter
An 2D animated film in the style of Disney or Don Bluth or Rankin-Bass' Hobbit
A 3D animated film with 2D art like "Tangled"?

Who would you cast in the roles?
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