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Merry Christmas!!!! What did you get?

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It's christmas!!!!
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  • A Scarf
    Doctor Who coffee mug
    A Stegosaur wooden model kit

    My family as never big on gifts- the scarf is from my brother's wife who is Protestant, and the mug is from my (Christian) Russian Orthodox friend.
  • £10 cash from Nan.
    Ultraviolet Man Aftershave set - Paco Rabanne (from my older brother)
    £30 eshop credit (£15 from little bro, £15 from parents)
    Shinobi (3DS. Parents)
    A Lynx set from my parents
    A Adidas set from my Grandparents(fathers side, cheap buggers. Loads of cash, but go around sponging off people)
    A pair of Gloves (cheap thinsulate ones. My brothers got a scarf and a hat. Guess who got us those... ^)

    A fairly humble christmas compared to most people here, but still a nice one.
    Had a lovely Christmas dinner, and the stuff on TV wasn't completely crap.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Wait, you got one of these??


    Just kidding. ;)
  • Ribs;571734 said:
    There is not a single thing there I see a logical reasoning to own.
  • Ribs;571734 said:
    There is not a single thing there I see a logical reasoning to own.
    Objection! This stockpile is rife with goodness.
  • Ribs;571734 said:
    There is not a single thing there I see a logical reasoning to own.
    Hey, don't go hatin' on Saturday Night Fever!

    Wait, Saturday Night Fever is one of the two on that image I can't see a logical reasoning for to own. What sort of messed up taste do you have?
  • I already said this elsewhere, but I got some monies, clothes (few shirts, a sweater, a jacket, a trenchcoat, and a SUIT), candy, a super awesome gyroscope that's really addictive, a microscope pen, a DVD on the making of Disneyland, a Bender sticker for my computer, a 64 GB solid state hard drive, and SKYRIM!

    I was totally not expecting Skyrim in the slightest, but my brother managed to convince my parents that it was a good idea, especially given the 33% off sale on the 24th. I am now a very happy person. I intend to put it on the SSD and play while feeling spiffy in my new suit. Pants can verify that I look like a very hireable person when I wear it.
  • Johro;571743 said:
    Ah another Netflix dependant. These companies come and go, I know where my VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray are and will be. My opinion.
    But the format becomes obsolete quickly and then you have to buy all new copies of the same thing and when you buy anything they come out later with a more complete collection or a remastered version for less than you payed for the now inferior product.
  • -GPS with lifetime free map/traffic updates
    -Batman Under the Red Hood Blu Ray
    -Batman Year One SE DVD
    -LEGO Star Wars Complete Saga (Wii)
    -Batman Arkham City 360 Controller
    -A mug from my kids

    I also got Zelda Skyward Sword. But without the controller. My brother was going to get me one from Toys R Us with the controller but the only one left belongs to some loser who keeps forgetting to pick it up after preordering. He has until Wed night apparently. So I have to wait until then to play it so I can return the unopened one I have.

    Stupid people. If you're going to preorder something have the decency to pick it up. There are other people who want it as well.
  • So I got:

    The first 6 Discworld Books
    The Desert Spear
    The Black Prism
    Mortal Coil
    Scarab Path
    Sea Watch
    Trine 2
    Red Faction Armageddon DLC
    The Witcher 2
    NecroVision 2

    That is all I could remember at the top of my head.
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