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Telltale fans interview Part-2

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Okay here's the list. Only 20 maybe chosen. Let's nominate a couple of the rougher questions to kick out, affectively leaving us with the pedigree stuff. I think the rule should be set that anyone who submitted a question should have at least 1 of their questions get in.
Red=nominated for elimination
Blue=removed by owner
1. What does it take to start a company like Telltale? -Burn
2. Does Bone have a release date been set? -Alucard
3. Can we expect to see a Bone demo in the near future? -Alucard
4. Will Bone be released in Retail stores? -Alucard
5. Will the 3D engine you have developed/ are developing ever be licensed for use by a 3rd party developer? -JP
6. What are your potential distribution and marketing channels for bone outside the internet? -JP
7.How do you propose to market the Bone games to Bone/comic fans, rather than adventure games? -JP
8. Anything about the deceased Sam and Max Freelance Police you can share? -Udvarnorky
9. Were there any other franchises besides Sam and Max you were considering? -Burn
10/11.How can one go about auditioning for a Telltale game?-misanthrope
12. Are you going to produce translated versions of your games? -Diduz
13. Is the game engine full real time 3D or simply classic 2D/3D hybrid? -Diduz
14. Is Blades of Stenchtar going to be a real game? -ThreeHeadedMonkey
15. Whatever happened to the whole in Brendan's closet? -ThreeHeadedMonkey
16. Was Dank always going to be a comic? -Burn
17. What sort of developement tools are you using to create the game? -Vark
18. What games are your major influences on the design of Bone? -Vark
19. How do you plan to market Bone? -Vark
20. In the short teaser clip of Bone, Bone appears to be following the cursor around. Do you plan to create interactivity between the characters and player? -Vark
21. How has Telltale Texas Hold Em' performed in contrast to your expectations? -Vark
22. What is the most difficult part for working at Telltale? -Burn
23. Are you going to cater to the still significant part of the gaming community (especially outside of the USA) who are not broadband enabled and for whom a 15 MB download is offputting? -JP
24. How often will the episodes of Bone be released? -spf1978
25. How much will the episodes cost? -spf1978
26. Will the Bone games include the infamous "cut-scenes" that many other adventure games employ as a story-telling device? -spf1978
27. What are your future plans for the characters from TT Texas Holdem? -spf1978
28. How did you get to be so cool? -spf1978
29. Whats the pay structure for those at tell tale? -Alucard
30. What does an entry level position make vs a lead? -Alucard
31. What are the hours like?(hopefully not as evil as EA =P) -Alucard
32. Will there be a physical medium avialable for BONE? In otherwords a CD. -smileyfaceman
33. Will the supporting characters have some kind of AI or will they just have set dialogue paths like previous adventure games? -smileyfaceman
34. Will there be multiple player-controlled characters per title? -smileyfaceman
35. How would someone go about getting an entry level position at TellTale if they have little to no industry experiance? -smileyfaceman
36. You were mentioning in an early interview that you were planning to have a schedule eventually for episodic releases of several game-series, is that something you're still planning to do, or is Bone the main focus for now?- Apignarb
37. Are you planning to exclusively distribute all your games electronically, or are you considering other options aswell? -Apignarb
38. What can we expect from the game-engine, how is it shaping up? -Apignarb
39. Being that many of you were on the Sam&Max team, and founding TellTale was in part inspired by the cancellation of that project, do you have any juicy tidbits to share with us about the game, or the making of the game? -Apignarb
40. Don't you think it's a bit of a risky move to exclusively distributed your games digitally, seeing as most companies who have walked that road before you, has failed? -Apignarb
41. How will you succeed, where others have failed? -Apignarb
42. Describe a typical workday at TellTale. -Apignarb
43. Do you have any plans for any other games than Bone yet, maybe even working on other ideas during the development of Bone? -Apignarb
44. Who killed Brendan? -Apignarb
45.TO KEVIN Will we see "buttless ice chaps" in any of Telltale's games? -Jub
46. Who's Brendan? -misanthrope

Nomination Tally
25/45 20 questions left.

Question Tally

Alucard -6
Burn -4
JP -4
Udvanorky -1
Misanthrope -3
Diduz -2
ThreeHeadedMonkey -2
Vark -5
spf1978 -5
Smileyfaceman -4
Apignarb -9
Jub -1
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  • I know it's been dropped, but for the person who asked about pricing structure;

    Interview at Lockergnome

    Alan: Since these episodic games are smaller, does this also mean a smaller price point? Do you have a rough ballpark figure for the price of these types of games?

    Dan: Price point is something we are currently doing research on. There are a few very distinct game audiences on the net that have very different expectations for their money.

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    I took this to mean episodic release.
    DC: The first game is based on Out From Boneville the first arc, and collected edition in the series. The design stays very true to the storyline of the comic. We plan on continuing this strategy for the rest of the series so the great cow race is in the next one.
    But there was also this in the lockergnome interview.
    Dan: Smaller games are definitely necessary because of the economics of game production and distribution. The talk around the industry is that the next generation of games is going to cost in the 15 million dollar range. With this amount of money on the line the model is getting closer to the blockbuster film model. At Telltale we would like to be on the cutting edge of a television production style model, with episodes and ongoing story lines and favorite characters.
  • But that doesn't really answer whether or not the 'other' licenses / original adventure games that had been mentined in passing are on the backburner while everyone at Telltale really concentrates their efforts and resources on Bone. (Which is what I think Apingarb was asking).
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    Fair enough. The question is back on the board. That leaves us with 20. A couple of mumbles of agreement and we can put it up as our final list. Still, any last complaints are being excepted.
  • mumble mumble agree
  • Looks fine to me.
  • send it to the presses. I think it's good to go.
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    Okay, I've emailed it to Heather. Done. Umm, I guess that means it's over.
  • yes it's over. good job
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    And there was much rejoicing.
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