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Merry Christmas!!!! What did you get?

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It's christmas!!!!
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  • Trine 2 looks beautiful...super easy, but beautiful.
  • Trine 2 IS beautiful. It might be fairly easy for an experienced platformer, but the physics puzzles and combat help spice stuff up. Honestly, I suck at platforming so I welcomed the fact that there were multiple ways of tackling every obstacle so that I could choose to play with physics puzzles instead of having to time everything exactly. And I loved it even when I got stuck somewhere, because the environments and music were so beautiful.
  • i got loads of games and some books but my highlights are

    Mario Galaxy 2
    Sonic Colours
    Uncharted 1,2, and 3
    Resistance 1,2,3
    Battlefield 3
    Mordern Warefare 3
    Portal 2
    Skylanders Spyro's Adventure (give it a chance people its fun)
    Batman arkham City & Spider Man Edge Of Time
    Assassin's creed Revelations
    Professor Layton & the Spectre's Call
  • GaryCXJk;571849 said:
    Hey, don't go hatin' on Saturday Night Fever!

    Wait, Saturday Night Fever is one of the two on that image I can't see a logical reasoning for to own. What sort of messed up taste do you have?
    ...where do you see Saturday Night Fever in that image? Cause it isn't there.
  • I got perfume, body spray, lip balm and moisturisers, 2 Janet Evanovich books, chocolates, visa voucher, store voucher, Beatles T-shirt, ipod car charger, Just the Smegs DVD and a Boba Fett bobble head...
    coolsome;571804 said:
    So cool....
  • Merry Christmas, everyone.
  • Well, my dad didn't get home from work until almost 9 (the shitheads in management at the post office having decided that Christmas Eve, on top of being the heaviest parcel day this year, was the perfect time to send out a lot of mail they held onto), so we missed Christmas Eve with my mom's family.

    So since we missed the White Elephant over there, here's my first Christmas gift!


    That's okay. I would've been playing for the colander anyway, unless I saw something better.
  • I don't celebrate christmas(personal Choice.) But right now spending it with two great friends.
  • I got some cool sunglasses that make me look like a secret agent or a movie star in a White Elephant gift exchange.
  • Merry Christmas, everyone.
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