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Steam codes for Telltale-website bought titles?

posted by Borracho on - last edited - Viewed by 18.1K users

I wanted to ask, if I've bought all these games through, is it possible to get Steam codes for them as well, so that I can also link them to my Steam account?

Thank you very much!
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  • This is also a service I'd like to see here on Telltale.

    Steam is becoming my platform of choice, and I find myself stressing over the management of games not on the platform.

    I usually buy my games from Tell Tale shop, for support and those excelent collectors editions, but I'd rather be able to have them also on steam..

    Please consider having this as an option (steam keys) on your download page.

    Thank you for all the great games!

  • Hi,

    I'm backed up on getting these keys out, and responding to inquiries in general, because we're all out of the office this week and I'm stuck working remotely from a Droid tablet. If you sent me a PM in the last few days, you'll be getting your key soon, and I apologize for the delay.

    I've brought up a potential policy change in regards to the Steam keys, but for right now, this is being done as a very limited time offer because of the Steam promotion. The feedback is appreciated, though.

  • Thanks and I can understand the limits of a tablet. ;-)
  • Good to hear, I was afraid because I wasn't active on the forums I was ineligible :)
    And amazing that your giving up your free time for this :o

    (found this post last week Googling the issue)
  • Great service like this (and pm sent).

    What about Poker Night at the Inventory? Will that get Steam keys too in the forseeable future?
  • I'm all caught up on the requests now. Sorry again for the delay.

    Swee1, if you bought Poker Night through us, you should be able to get a Steam key here:

  • I did not know that!

    Also, thanks for the Puzzle Agent key! You're the best!

    Now here's to hoping this will become general policy and I can switch my other games to Steam as well :P
  • Thank you very much!

    I second Swee1, you are the best! How many other people would take time out of their days off to help out in a pinch like this?!
  • Thanks a lot for the key Michael, you rock!
    And I agree swee1, games are so much easier to manage when you have them all in the Steam library.
  • Happy holidays, Michael! I hope you would find time to answer my request before steam event is over.
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