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Didn't receive Jurassic Park for pre-order

posted by Nonjojålol on - last edited - Viewed by 643 users
I pre-ordered JP months ago, but still no luck receiving it. I have tried contacting support both via e-mail and forum messages, but I have never gotten any reply. I'm a patient soul, but this is starting to irritate me. Help?
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Jurassic Park started shipping mid-December (the expected ship date of December 15 was posted on the Telltale Store's Deluxe Edition page when the game was made available for pre-order).
    US orders were shipped first and international orders started shipping on December 19.
  • I bought the regular edition in february but I thought it was a digital download or something. Have it been shipped by mail?
  • Ah. There's your problem. Check the email you used to get Jurassic Park. There's a coupon to get the game again, and your money was returned to your card. You essentially got the game for free, due to something rather complicated back in March.

    Go find that game voucher in your email and you can get your copy of Jurassic Park with it.
  • Are we talking about the pre-order confirmation? I got the codes and everything, but I don't know where to use it
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    A few months after the game was first available to pre-order, it was delayed.
    People who had purchased the pre-order saw their order canceled and received a refund, as well as a voucher (via e-mail) to get a Telltale game of their choice (including Jurassic Park) for free.
    In order to get your game for free, you should add it to your shopping cart and enter the voucher code in the "coupon code" box during checkout.
  • I've have checked my e-mail and paypal account. It seems I never got my money back or that coupon code. Thanks for the help so far
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    No problem.
    The next step is contacting Telltale's customer service at [email][/email].
    Include all the necessary information (a summary of the situation, the original order number, the Telltale account you used to pre-order the game, the Paypal account you used to pay for the order and anything else that you think might be useful)
    Keep in mind that the Telltale team is on vacation right now and might not check support requests on a daily basis.
  • Sorry to bother you guys, but I still haven't heard any responses from telltale support yet.
  • I sent you an email on November 11'th of last year, explaining that your refund was issued in April of last year. If you sent in another email after that, please let me know what your ticket number is.
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