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Other Characters?

posted by guybrush20X6 on - last edited - Viewed by 4.9K users
If you could have one more character from each series wich ones would you have. As for me:

Div (The alchohlic DIVX player from Penny Arcade)
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  • tbm1986;444584 said:

    Puzzle Agent
    X Nelson (his personality would be too flat in a scenario like this)
    You only say that cause he's 2-dimensional. :p
  • Shadowknight1;445114 said:
    You only say that cause he's 2-dimensional. :p
    Very funny but you could apply that to all the Homestar Runner and Penny Arcade characters, many whom I'd like to see/enjoyed seeing in Poker Night at the Inventory.
  • Two from each game
    Sam & Max: Sam and Flint Paper.
    SBCG4AP: Homestar and The Cheat
    Team Fortress 2: Spy and Sniper
    Penny Arcade: Gabe and Annarchy

    These would be awsome
  • tbm1986;444584 said:
    Jurassic Park
    Nobody would be suitable.
    Son, Velociraptor is disappoint.
  • tbm1986;444584 said:
    Wallace & Gromit
    X Wallace (too boring and predictable)
    X Gromit (brilliant faces but wouldn't be able to take part in conversations)
    X Penguin/Chicken (see above)
    X Cooker (see above)
    X Preston (see above)
    X All Wallace's former love interests (not fitting to the situation)
    What about Monty Muzzle from episode 3 of Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures? He seems a good choice for a poker game, considering his con man style.
  • its all about Game classics and celebs who are mouthy and talkative or absoulutely halarious , so no Freeman or Masterchief

    Duke Nukem, Earthworm Jim, Clank, Daxter, Conker, The Tick, Wario, Scout, Leisure Suit Larry, Manuel "Manny" Calavera

    Wheatly would also be funny but idk how he can play cards anyway o.o

    Still a DLC would be epic for Poker Night, Valve could support hopefully with extra items for Portal and TF2 again since they love indies.
  • McPhail, does the word "copyright" mean anything to you?

    It would be nice to have some of them, but I don't think Telltale would have the time or patience to secure the necessary rights to those characters, with the notable exception of Scout, who could actually get in the game considering that Telltale has previously cooperated with Valve for Poker Night and TF2.
  • I've had a massive re-think and re-read of this post. I won't take credit for the ideas, only for fleshing them out and making them more badass.

    Sidekick Night
    Guybrush and Murray
    Papierwaite and Norrington
    Strong Mad and The Cheat
    Wallace and Gromit

    Homestar Night with Subtitles
    Pom Pom
    The Cheat

    For fully balanced configurations, I'm working on an extensive list, which I shall upload when I'm done for scrutiny and ever-coveted internet points.
  • Impressive Thread Necro.
  • If the characters had to be from the same series, I would have to pick Gabe, Sam, the Scout, and Homestar Runner. However, if the characters could be from any series, I would pick Notch (he counts, right?), Duke Nukem, the Scout, and Ellis.
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