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Introductory story or guidebook included in Telltale's KQ?

posted by BagginsKQ on - last edited - Viewed by 362 users
So who would ike to see as a bonus material to be included in the game, if there was an introductory story in the manual, or a guidebook of sorts.

There wouldn't be any need to include any 'hidden copyright' protection in the manual, just some backstory material, similar to what was included in the old KQ games for flavor.

It could be something included physically in the Collector's Box version of the game, and a PDF in the digital versions.
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  • It might be a nice extra for a physical release.

    Nowadays, people rarely read documentation (whether it's a printed manual or a PDF) though, so the tendency has been to work lore and backstory directly into the game.
  • I have got to imagine TTG will put together a really nice deluxe edition for the KQ game... it sort of is one of the grandaddies of the genre... they sort of owe it to it.
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