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The "whatever's on your mind" thread

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One of the things that's great about this forum is its randomness. Well, this is the epitome of it: a thread for whatever random thought happens to be passing through your mind.

For example, I've just been struck by the most random craving for Taco Bell nachos.
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  • Oh, yeah, I have a whole other mess on the coaxial end of things. I have one switch, with cable and the VCR on one side and the Atari running through the NES running through the Genesis on the other side. I think. It's been a while.

    The worst part is that I'm considering looking into getting an HD box now that I have the TV for it, and those are much bigger. I may have to see if I can get my hands on a different VCR (if I don't just eliminate it entirely), and I might ditch the standalone DVD player and just use the Xbox for DVD. Besides, I usually use my computer to watch DVDs unless I have company, so the player doesn't get nearly as much use as it used to.
  • Wait, you use a standalone DVD player and it's not because you own DVDs from other regions?
  • Rather Dashing;573550 said:
    Wait, you use a standalone DVD player and it's not because you own DVDs from other regions?
    I do too. Initially for AV projects, but I do often find myself throwing a DVD on in the background while I play games.
  • Time to be a human being.

    Some of you will read this and care because you know me on a slightly deeper level. Some of you will read this and pass it over by virtue of the fact that I posted it. Regardless, here is my manifesto on humanity.

    I consider every human being I meet on the value of what they can contribute to my personal happiness. If you can enhance me business ventures, if you can bring joy to my social circle, if you are valuable because of your knowledge of a field I am unfamiliar with, you are valued to me.

    If you contribute nothing of practical, somewhat measurable value, I consider you invaluable, in the context of your relation to me.

    That is Jason. That has been my whole life reduced to a simple equation. Judge people and retain them on the basis of how they can practically contribute to your existence. That has been the lesson of my parents. That is why I am business driven. Because in my family, the value of an individual is boiled down to their contribution to your personal enjoyment or enhancement.

    But despite the fact that I am inherently self motivated and self driven, I've spent a good deal of my life working in places like Mexico, Thailand or New Orleans. I've given out clothes, passed out food, spent my days sweating mixing concrete, tearing down homes and building up new homes.

    On a personal level I consider every person I meet expendable unless they directly contribute to my own self satisfaction. On another level, if you asked me to care for a homeless individual, I would do it. I have, and I would do so again.

    So measure me by whatever measure you would. On a daily basis I dismiss people left and right. But the people that I find to be farthest away from me in intellect and accomplishment are the people I've spent half a life serving for. The same attitude I have that dismisses them yet gives way to a deeper care. Years spent in food shelters, years spent working in public schools for the underprivileged, years spent working in warehouses without heat or cold, years spent without showers, years spent without tools, building homes and bringing food without compensation. And for what?

    By and large, I dismiss people intellectually. By and large, my heart tells me every human being has value that goes beyond my ability to measure.

    I know I'm a miserable human being on regular occasion. I read some of the comments and some of the responses to my honest replies. I can see the disgust. And, I completely understand why. On many levels I'm an advantageous human being only interested in my personal economic and social uplifting.

    On another level I've spent most of my years giving up that pursuit to serve the people that I intellectually dismiss, that on a spiritual and heart level I care more for than any of my academic and social peers.

    I spent tonight with a person that reminds me why I'm alive. I spent a lifetime being a reject, and another lifetime building myself into an impenetrable wall of economic and social accomplishment that would be able to show all my adolescent peers that I was better than them.

    And that wall is worthless. I know that. Be disgusted with the human being that I so obviously am. But know that there is another person that still exists, far beyond the words that are said, that acts in ways that far contradict the intellect and speak more to the spirit and heart.
  • Rather Dashing;573550 said:
    Wait, you use a standalone DVD player and it's not because you own DVDs from other regions?
    As do I, but mine also upconverts to HD.
  • There's rumours of a Watchmen 2 in production with leaked artwork on the net.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Aww DAISHI, I was in no way judging you as a human being, just saying that your dating strategy would confuse me. As long as it works for you, doesn't matter what I think (but you already know that!). Best of luck with your girl - from what you say she obviously means a lot to you.
  • So much I can't rly put in words especially over a forum. I should apologise for my erratic behaviour with weird topics and posts my heads been everywhere.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Apology accepted. ;)
  • Current thought: "If I can't get a job, I'm going to work out so much that I'll end up looking like Thor."

    Seriously, why am I thinking this?
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