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I hate to be a killjoy, but here's a long joykilling post.

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It seems like most of the threads in this subforum are either speculation or suggestions about where to take the franchise from here. Just on the front page alone, there's:
  • A suggestion to buy and finish Freelance Police
  • Speculation about a new TV season
  • Someone planning to sell Purcell's concept to Adult Swim for a new series somehow
  • A season 4 (speculation and) suggestion thread
  • Anticipation for some kind of release for the 25th anniversary of the franchise
  • more speculation about a new TV season
Guys, none of this will happen. Ever. The only exception being the possibility of Steve Purcell drawing a little something on his blog, and a Telltale sale.

First off, things don't work this way. The sheer force of willpower alone can't create things. For the sake of an example, let's talk about the new TV series hopes. Pitching a new show would require tons of work, that a man who already has another demanding job simply can't do. It would take a very, very long time to go from concept to the screen, and most series don't get picked up. Hell, most don't even get to be made into a pilot. Just because you'd like to see it doesn't mean all the steps in the process would go smoothly. Not to mention it doesn't mean Purcell would find time, interest, and a satisfying concept for an adaptation.

Anyway, Sam & Max has always just been a very small amount of content for its fanbase's size.. If you've been a fan of the series since before the first Telltale season, you probably know what I mean. If you were a fan before Hit the Road, you definitely know what I mean.

The stuff we get tends to feel few and far between, but compared to most series, it's pretty insanely large. That's why we got to play three(!) different seasons that came out in just four years. That's pretty impressive. Especially considering no other telltale series even got a second season. The love is what got us from comics to games to tv to more games. But it's still just a cult-hit, and you guys seem to expect things to pump out of the franchise like it's Simpsons big. Although to be honest, not even that could come out with the volume of stuff some posters seem to expect.

I'm sure this isn't the end of the franchise, or even the Telltale series, but let's be realistic, you know? Maybe we'll get the season 3 soundtrack, but the earliest season 4 could possibly come would probably be more than a year, considering all the games telltale's got lined up. Personally, I'm hoping that we get to see the remaining pages of the infamous Max-gets-shot comic someday.

(Also, just to squash out the remaining hope, there's never going to be a poker night dlc with new characters)
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  • coolsome;550711 said:
    Do you?
    I'm working on it.
  • There is always room for hope :
    You may not like it but we got Indiana Jones 4 (arg!) and we will get Ghostbusters 3 (yeah!).
    I also await Fables and Walking Dead but why not a day of the tentacle 2?
    I am always amazed by the stories and ideas behind Sam & Max, they are quite unique and very different from any other adventure game.
    I want a season 4 in 2014 at the latest! :D
  • don't worry i will try do all the stuff!
  • grouik;563821 said:
    I also await Fables and Walking Dead but why not a day of the tentacle 2?
    Probably because since the change in leadership at LucasArts, they don't have the same partnership with Telltale that they used to. As much as I hate to say it we're probably not even going to get a second season of Tales of Monkey Island, let alone continuations of other LucasArts franchises.
  • That kind of thinking bothers me ("It will never happen so stop talking about it!"). I've lurked here for some time and while I do agree that most theories are farfetched and yeah we probably won't get a new show but why can't people talk about it?

    It doesn't really matter if what you think should happen will happen. I think people talk about this stuff because they want to know if someone else shares their opinion or swap ideas and predictions. Its all a part of being a community, you want to know what others are thinking even if its totally wrong. :)
  • I will never feel happiness again because of this post.

    I thought you should know that.
  • ryannumber1gamer;549330 said:
    telltale listons to what the fans want
    Really? Because I wanted BttF and JP to be adventure games.
  • I think your prospects too pessimistic commentators. Sam and Max is a very healthy franchise, and, in its season, the work they do is still the best, they have no license.
  • SHODANFreeman;566534 said:
    Really? Because I wanted BttF and JP to be adventure games.
  • wow, I'm usually the one to blow the whistle when people are being ridiculous, and even I think that the OP is being an incredible dick by pretty much specifically calling people out, and being an incredible kill-joy. People can dream, speculation is not a bad thing. Even trying to pitch a Sam and Max cartoon to adult swim is fine if that's what the person who suggested that wants. No one's really demanding anything, everyone respects Telltale and just wants to throw out some suggestions, speculate on what is going to happen in the future, or just hope that things happen. Some of them might never happen, but you don't really have any reason to shut them down like this. If a Telltale staff member told us the same thing (which they wouldn't) it would be different, but you're not from Telltale.
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