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Dear Telltale, please ship Deluxe Editions in another box, not the actual Deluxe Box

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So I really appreciated getting my JP Deluxe Edition in the mail today, I really appreciate that you met the mid-December shipping deadline and it's a great little Deluxe Edition.

My only concern is that you guys shipped it in the Deluxe Edition box, without any additional packaging. This is problematic for 2 reasons, first the shipping labels kind of ruin the box for collectors and not having an outer box leaves it a bit beat up going through the mail system. Secondly, there wasn't any tape or anything keeping the box sealed, while I appreciate this from a Collector's standpoint, if the box had been jostled during shipping or if someone had gotten curious between here and there, they could have easily taken anything and everything out of the box.

I know you guys try hard to keep your customers happy but please take my points into consideration for future Deluxe Editions. Thanks!
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  • I wasn't expecting it, since I live in Belgium and the delivery time was about 6 weeks. But today's my birthday and the past days I was hoping it would arrive today.
    And what was on the table with the rest of today's mail when I got downstairs... oh yea... a little blue box, unbelievable!
    I'm still as happy as a kid!

    And the box itself survived international shipping and is in a pretty good condition. No extra stamps, seals or something like that.
    The original seal was intact and I guess the dirt on it is mainly the printing. It did wear off a little above the :SITEATEAM. But I don't mind, it still looks awesome!

    Then I had to go to work so the box kept closed, because I wanted to take my time to open it and also take some photos of it.

    I got home and relived the moment from earlier when I first saw the box.
    Unboxing it was super, all those goodies look and feel great.

    Thx telltale games!!!
  • All I have to say to the people of this thread: Read this book. =P
  • Mine was fine too when it got to sweden. Sure the box had a sticker, but that could easily be removed :)
  • Mine arrived and with no damage or broken seal. I live in Norway and I was surprised with the shipping time as well it arrived ten days after it was shipped.

    I really like the deluxe edition really nice and great details the security card was awesome :)
    Good job telltale
  • mine came to the uk in a normal box as i had other items. but im glad it did as my box had a massive customs sticker on it. however, on the ingen box inside it does have black scuff marks which look awesome - i see what the designers intended and i think it looks great!
  • Telltale did you ever consider this could have been a gift? Do they want someone else's name across the package? THAT IS NOT AUTHENTIC. WHY WERE WE NOT TOLD ABOUT THIS OR AT LEAST GIVEN A CHOICE. Now it's like I have someone else's employee pack. ARE YOU GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS?
  • I live in Germany and got mine yesterday. Apart from the delayed receipt I absolutely love the box. From the little insiders jokes to the quality of the prints and the feeling of a "real" starter-kit - it just rocks!
  • I was unhappy about the mailing box being the actual function deluxe box but I get where you're coming from in terms of "Hey, welcome to the company." My landlord got the box before I got home and now thinks I'm a genius.
  • For what it's worth, I was also fairly disappointed that the collector's kit was mailed as it was. (Really, I don't think "special banged-up permanently labeled collector's box" has ever been used as a marketing ploy before...)

    I find it especially frustrating because -- as someone who makes replica props as a hobby -- I could easily have made my own "banged up" kit, were I so inclined. Mail it to myself, drop it in a box, and wait for the postal service (or whatever carrier I choose) to do its thing. I'm guessing it'd be pretty affordable, too (especially if I took all the stuff out first...)

    Were I given a choice, I would definitely had requested a "pristine" box. Were I informed that ordering it at the same time as something else would've resulted in it shipping in an outer box, I would've almost certainly done that.
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    Hate to join the complainers but yes, I was also annoyed by the box being shipped with no other protection. My box came with a big label with all kinds of printed text plus hand scribblings by the postal service people. And that label had apparently some ultra-strong glue, because I tried to remove it and all I ended with is a label with dozens of tiny pieces of it removed from all four corners, but the biggest part of the label is still there. I tried to do it very carefully, but still, the paper tears before being fully peeled. So, it's practically impossible to remove without ruining the box and now after trying to remove it, it looks terrible.

    I'm thinking maybe Telltale could sell a JP rectangular sticker to cover this mess :D
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