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If you vote on this poll...

posted by Silverwolfpet on - last edited - Viewed by 1.3K users
...I'll release an exclusive clip from the upcoming "Making Of LOTR Parody", just for you awesome people. That means that I'll post it here, in this thread, and nowhere else.

I just need about 100 votes on this poll, to know what to prepare for you guys in 2012.

In case you don't know what this is about, Hi! I'm Wolfy! I make movies and stuff for your enjoyment!
Blablabla, site, etc.

I made a similar poll many months ago, in which you asked for a SciFi Comedy/Epic thing. I was planning for a series, but it seems you liked it better as a Doctor Who Tribute (which itself might turn into something more, if you like it).

So you guys know the Doctor Who Tribute is coming up, and three new Kauff episodes with a super special Guest Star (not Majus, but he might be there too, dunno, surprise, shut up).

Also, we have that secret project which we will reveal later on.

What else would you like me to focus on this year? What stuff would you like to see?

Once I get 100 votes, I'll show that cool little clip from the Making Of.
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  • Vainamoinen;574085 said:
    No, you really don't. ;)
    It's Magic. Shut up. You're too young to understand.

    ...I has magic eyes.
    I'm not the intrigue type. If I want Sea for Two so badly, open revolution would be the only option.
    O.o I see.
    Also, if it's an open poll, you could just count to find out what's going on.
    Of course, because I have a lot of free time on my hands. Just yesterday, as I was relaxing on a green field filled with flowers of all sorts, I thought to myself: Hmmm, I should start doing some tedious counting votes!

    Haha! :-D
    But in fact, I don't see the voters any more. Something wrong with my account? Because these are displayed neither from my workplace nor from home... :(
    Umm... I have absolutely no idea.
    I can send you screenshots if you want, but we should be able to fix this problem somehow.
    Try making another account maybe and see if it's from that.
    /edit: Put PHOTOGRAPHS in the background!!
    Where would I find photographs of a ship, from 20 different angles??

    Not to mention the bloody sea needs to move, or else it ruins the effect!

    ...I did think of actually going somewhere and take real pictures of stuff... but I don't really have a ship museum nearby. :/
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Moar voters please. :D

    Hey, what are you doing reading this message? Vote first!
  • Note that there's no votes for Greenscreen. I don't mind the greenscreen, really! Please keep using it if you like! I think the amount you use it right now is just fine.
  • Decisions, decisions...

    Ah, screw it. I'll just order everything I like.
  • *looks at number of votes* 22 so far, doing good!

    *looks at what people voted*

    Aha, so they want more Monkey Island stuff... okay..

    *starts composing on the piano*
    *finished composition, quite pleased with it*

    Yeah, I'll have to film this now. I'll think about it. Maybe something along the lines of Sea For Two, but something related to MI. Good, Vainamoinen will be happy.

    *looks at the Telltale-related votes*

    Oh, so they want more Telltale stuff. Hmm... I'll have to think about that one. Hmmm...

    *looks at the "Ponies" votes*




    Uh... that was a joke.

    o.O I never composed anything pony-ish...

    I...I should get right on it, I think....

    *sits down at piano and stares at the keys*

    Note to self: Never underestimate the "cruel" humor of your fans.
  • If it helps, I would cast an anti-vote for ponies if I could. :)
  • WarpSpeed;574436 said:
    If it helps, I would cast an anti-vote for ponies if I could. :)
    Someone add glue as an option!
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  • WarpSpeed;574436 said:
    If it helps, I would cast an anti-vote for ponies if I could. :)
    Nah, I'm just surprised of the results. You know I love a good challenge!
    Besides, I actually started working on it... so YOU guys asked for it.
    Friar;574489 said:
    Someone add glue as an option!
    Why would I want to make glue? o.o
    seibert999;574491 said:

    Ahem, since you managed to reach 25 votes (thank you very much), I was thinking of rewarding you with a clip from the Doctor Who Tribute. Just to show you how nice of a guy I am.

    When you reach 50, I'll show you something else. The same goes for 75 and 100.

    The cool thing is that the clip is private, so only people with the link can see it. I won't even post it on my site. Not yet anyway. You get exclusive stuff, as promised. :)



    Click on the image to see the hidden youtube clip!

    Or click here, same thing.[/CENTER]

    Wanna see more cool stuff? VOTE! :D
  • The glue is what you should make from the ponies...

    ANYWAY, that clip was awesome. More than awesome. Splendiferous. And tell Mihai he's nailed Matts walk. Especially when entering the school. And you're facial expressions were spot on. Can't wait to see the rest!
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