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Sam and Max: Hit the Road - REMAKE?

posted by Jshadow on - last edited - Viewed by 3.9K users
Now, we all remember that these past 2 years, Monkey Island and LeChuck's Revange, the 2 great Lucas Arts classics were remade in new and improved graphics, better music and voice acting.
Now that that's been settled, can we expect the same happening to the pride and joy of the world of our k9 cop and his rabitty-thing companion, that's is Hit the Road? quite honestly it's a pretty big candidate, especially considering that Devil's Playhouse is comming to an end and Telltale will have to think of something, until they decide to make the next Sam and Max season.

what do you guys think?
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  • I'd love to see Hit The Road remade with the new voices and spruced up graphics. I think it wouldn't lose much of its charm if the old designs and voices were redone to match the new ones. I love the locations and the music.

    Though to tell you the truth, if anything was to be remade I'd go for the original Maniac Mansion and Zac McKracken and take out the ability to die/get trapped (or at least make it optional). It might be complicated to switch between old and new modes that way, but there would probably be a way around it.
  • Darkblader;449321 said:
    HOW many times has this been brought up?? Cant people just enjoy the original of it?
    I don't think anyone is complaining about the brilliance of the first here.
  • Shyguy;449540 said:
    I don't think anyone is complaining about the brilliance of the first here.
    Nope just some people wouldn't mind seeing it in a higher resolution with the current voices. It is a horrible looking game by todays standards. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing it,Full Throttle and DOTT get special editions.

    Although i agree with the OnionMaster. I'd love to see Maniac mansion remade. Or better yet a series done in the same image of Manic Mansion.
  • seibert999;366834 said:
    i hope they make one so i can play it

    In some other days dude you just wait and see.........
  • Does anybody remember that Sam and Max Game That was never released?

    They should make that game!
    It was also said that the game itself had episodes...
    Let's see that game!
  • I'd love to see Hit the Road in beautiful HD.
  • I still play it from time to time.
    It doesn't need a remake, the original works fine still. Because of the licensing weirdness (as already said) I don't see it happening anyway.
    But again, I don't think it's necessary.
  • I would like to see a Special Edition after seeing some artwork in the FanArt thread, but yeah, it's a licence nightmare, I always thought it would be a cool project for the old TellTale Games, get a deal similar to Monkey Island and give TellTale control over making it happen, I'd love to hear Jared's take on some of the original music and how the new Sam & Max voices would fit in. As long as the game had the Original running to like Monkey Island 1 and 2 did, and possible an option to switch between the old and new voices in both versions! That way everyone would be happy!
  • Well they could make a version that uses Telltale Tool.
    They could make the graphics better, remix the music, add a hint system and fix the continuity issues between Hit The Road and the Telltale Sam and Max games
  • They don't need to remake it, but they do need to re-release it on GoG or Steam or something.
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