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Quite a week, I will be around if you want to talk about it

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Hi Everyone, I am just putting up some shelves but I will be checking this thread. We had quite a week this week If you want to ask me about it I will answer what I can.

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  • Chyron8472;573833 said:

    I don't want a crime detective game instead
    Tex Murphy was a crime detective game AND an adventure game, and it's pretty fun. I'd be fine if Telltale did another one of those.
  • Dammit I bought Tex Murphy and never played it.
  • DAISHI;573878 said:
    Dammit I bought Tex Murphy and never played it.
    Which Tex Murphy game?
  • DAISHI;573878 said:
    Dammit I bought Tex Murphy and never played it.
    That should definitely be on your list to get played one of these days.
  • Chyron8472;573833 said:
    What is the word on King's Quest?

    I want TTG to make a classic-style adventure game. I don't want a game that's brain-dead easy; I don't want a crime detective game instead; I don't want a PC port of an iPad game someone else made; I don't want a gloomy, dark game based on some comic book series I'd never heard of before.

    I want a classic-style adventure game; one that directly appeals to hardcore adventure gamers. I'm not just talking about King's Quest here. I'm pointing out that the last adventure game TTG has made or announced that I've cared enough to consider buying at launch was Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse. Puzzle Agent doesn't count. Poker Night doesn't count.

    I have not bought BTTF or Jurassic Park, and I am not interested in Fables or the Walking Dead. Hector doesn't count, as I've heard TTG only ported it, but as yet I haven't bought that either. I want a classic-style adventure game to get excited about. It doesn't have to be King's Quest. I just want to enjoy looking forward to buying TTG's games again, which I feel hasn't happened in a very long time now.
    I wouldn't count on hearing anything about King's Quest anytime soon. The Walking Dead is one or two months away from release and we've still heard almost nothing about it. :(

    But yeah, I'd like to see some KQ info myself.
  • For me, and I think for a lot of the other experienced adventure game fans on these forums, the way Telltale handles King's Quest is going to be a huge factor on whether we'll continue to support the company or not. There has been obvious discontentment amongst many of the experienced fans with games like Back to the Future and Jurassic Park and how they seem to take interactivity and thinking out of the equation. However, these games clearly aren't made for us; Telltale is using popular licences based on blockbuster movies to try and capture the casual crowd. We play them, and we rightfully complain, but we're not the intended audience any more. The upcoming Walking Dead and Fables games are wild cards of sorts, being based off comic books they're a new territory and we don't know how Telltale is going to handle them. King's Quest on the other hand is going to be the first proper adventure game licence Telltale has handled since Tales of Monkey Island and The Devil's Playhouse. If it's not done right, with adventure game fans in mind, I think a lot of fans that have been around here for a long time could give up on Telltale for good.

    King's Quest, in my opinion, is going to represent a crossroads for Telltale where they can go one of two ways: either we finally find out that they really have abandoned the experienced gamer for good, or, if they respect the franchises they are working on and tailor the experiences to give the fan's what they want. If King's Quest not at least as hard as ToMI and the Sam & Max games, doesn't force hints down our throats, and is made using the Sierra method of adventure games (deaths, etc) then it is almost certainly going to fall into the former camp.
  • Since this thread is here, I just wanted - like many others - to say thank you to Telltale. You really are one of the best gaming companies out there, and it's the way you treat your fans and the heart that you put into your games that make all the difference. The way you handled the JP delay for those of us who pre-ordered last year was classy and, frankly, generous - not a word that I think I've ever used to describe a gaming company. And threads like this just continue to prove how good you are to your fans. I know I'll continue to buy games from you for a long, long time (the fact that, somehow, you've managed to tap into my own personal zeitgeist with most of your franchises helps too :p).

    Your games this year have been pretty divisive but I think you accomplished exactly what you were going for. BTTF and JP felt like parts of their respective franchises, not just games made from them. For instance, like any red-blooded adventure game lover, I LOVE Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis but I never felt like I was experiencing a new Indy movie while I played it. I felt like I was playing an adventure game starring Indiana Jones. It's still a fantastic game but a wholly different experience. You set out to give us the same kind of experience we got from watching the films and I think you completely succeeded.

    But now I've written a lot without actually asking a question so here goes: I know you've probably gotten this many times these past years, but since it's the license that introduced me to Telltale, I have to ask - is there any desire to ever go back and take another swing at giving us a complete Bone game (maybe starting over from scratch with the updated engine and team)? Or is that horse dead?
  • I-I killed it. I'm a thread murderer! No! It's not true! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOAUGH!!
  • BlankCanvasDJ;577188 said:
    I-I killed it. I'm a thread murderer! No! It's not true! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOAUGH!!
    I don't think you killed it, Dan's probably just gone back to his usual schedule of running Telltale and extorting people who eat his veggie dip.

    If you're reading this, though, it'd be great if you did another Q&A in the future. :)

    Also, thousandth post!
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    dancon Telltale Staff
    Mr Canvas you did not kill the thread but I did not realize when i started this thread how long it takes to write a post that is coherent. I have a new respect for all of you forum posters who can get your thoughts out in a clear way.

    Anyhow thanks for the kind words I am glad you like Telltale's games.

    About Bone I love that franchise and its certainly a whole new world as far Telltale's ability to reach different audiences. Even though we thought we were a massive independent publisher in 2004 (believe me delusion is critical if you want to start a business) I don't think we got the game in front of enough people for it to succeed. At this point I don't think we will be doing anything in the near future but it would be really fun to work on the series again
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