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hector 1 hd for ipad mid game freeze, cant finish game

posted by davecazz on - last edited - Viewed by 842 users
I recently repurchased hector 1 HD on iPad because I wanted to go through it before I started hector 2.

however, I ran into a freeze about mid game that is preventing me from completing the game.

in the porn shop, rich is fiddling with the vcr, and I click on the junky and then the doll. game freezes

first time it froze, I restarted the game. all my progress was erased and I had to play the game over again,

second time I played through, I got the same freeze, tried restarting, but I just kept getting a freeze at that same point. I can't continue the game.
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  • I am with the same problem... please fix it
    (my device is an Ipad 2)
  • But I freeze up right at the beginning.
  • I've just found myself in exactly the same situation as the original poster, I've just repurchased the iPad version of Hector 1 to replay through it before playing parts 2 & 3.

    The game freezes for me too at exactly the same spot, trying to use the junky on the doll, the moment I do that Hector walks to the centre and the game becomes unresponsive.

    This is really disappointing, I could have simply played through my old iPhone version but decided to re-buy because I love the game and wanted to experience it at its best on my new iPad 2.
  • Are you using an iPad 1 or 2? Do you have other applications open?
  • Was this ever fixed? I'm on iPad 1 and i'm stuck in this exact situation. I'm on iOS5.0.1 if that makes a difference.
  • Same freeze up with the doll at the exact scene. Fresh ipad2 ios5.0.1. I have tried booting ipad before playing + always closing everything from multitasking menu. tried with airplane mode on + practically everything turned off - no luck. I have also done everything else possible in hector already so can't progress because of the doll :(
  • Man I wished I did this much research prior to getting this game. I'm having same exact issue at same exact place with porn shop swap deal. No one got this figured out huh? Any way to get refund or are we screwed?

    Should be able to trust apps work when you pay $6.99 for them!!!
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