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L&O:L inapp purchase error

posted by wenhaver on - last edited - Viewed by 508 users
I downloaded the first episode last night, and played through it just fine. Went to purchase the second episode and it says "Appstore error, unable to purchase episode." I tried several times last night and over the course of the day, and that's the immediate error I get.

My iTunes account 1. has credit; 2. is linked to a valid credit card; 3. I can purchase other music/apps just fine. Its honestly is happening immediately after pressing the Purchase button, and it's not prompting me for my account info or anything like that. I have tried connected to my home wifi and via 3G.

Restarting the game and/or the phone doesn't help. I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 5.0.1. Thoughts?
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  • I'm having the same exact problem. I've signed off/on from itunes on all my devices including desktop, restarted all devices, uninstalled/reinstalled app, hard resets, updating credit card info, itunes gift card, turn off/on automatic updates. Please advise TTG.
  • It's not just for episode 2, I can't get it to buy the multi-pack either, I press purchase, then press yes, and then it goes back to the screen as if I had pressed no. :mad:
  • Me too.

    I was able to purchase the app itself and the 2nd episode just fine on launch day.

    Now, I want episode 3... I can't purchase it or the multipack. When I try to purchase the multipack, it just goes back to the episode list regardless if I press yes or no ( I tried it a lot! ). If I try to buy just the standalone episode 3, I do get the network popup thing saying "purchasing..." for about one second, then it goes away and nothing happens.

    There are many, many negative reviews on the app store now all related to this. There are additional users experiencing this on both these customer support forums and over on the Law and Order: Legacies forum proper.

    Can we at least get a tiny response saying you are working on it or something? We are the few huge law and order fans that are willing to pay the full ~$19us it will cost me at this point to get the rest of the episodes, and we are the ones having the worst experience with the app right now.. :/
  • Please try completely signing out of your iTunes account by going into Settings on the device, then tapping Store, tapping your Apple ID and then tapping Sign Out. After that's done, either force close the Law & Order App or restart the device, and then load it up and try the purchase one more time. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  • This finally did work. By signing out and back into the store via settings.

    I was a day one iPhone and iPad user and since have had almost every revision. I am a hobbyist iOS developer myself, and have downloaded well over 1000 apps ( all legally :) ).. I usually see other people experiencing issues in reviews for apps, and feel like its mostly user error and worst case needs to just close some apps and free some memory or reboot.. I have never had an issue like this that required such a non standard work around.

    Good luck fixing it, which trust me, you are gonna wanna do to get rid of all the single star reviews on the store...
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