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Jurassic Park The Game: Review thread - post your impressions here!

posted by waroftheworlds01 on - last edited - Viewed by 37.1K users
The release date for the game is finally here and I'm sure everyone will be dieing to voice their opinions on the game as well as post reviews from other websites. Instead of having thousands of post with different reviews, I figured it would be easier to have one thread dedicated to Jurassic Park reviews.

I haven't been able to play it yet but I will be posting seperate reviews for each episode here as I finish them.

So if anyone wants to share their opinon after finally getting to play the game, or want to share links to reviews of the game from other website here's a great thread to do it.

And, of course, try to use those Spoiler tabs when needed!!!
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  • First off, stop calling this a game! It's a storybook for toddlers pressing random buttons. It's horrible.
  • I understand you have your own opinions. I thought the game was great and I dont know what you guys are talking about when you say the PS3 version has slowdowns, I have the PS3 version and I NEVER had had any problems :). maybe its just my game ;)
  • batboyshark9;575839 said:
    I understand you have your own opinions. I thought the game was great and I dont know what you guys are talking about when you say the PS3 version has slowdowns, I have the PS3 version and I NEVER had had any problems :). maybe its just my game ;)
    The game isn't great, i enjoy it but just look at the reviews.
    And you are VERY lucky if you have no framerate issues on PS3.
  • Okay, I finally got to finishing episode 1 on my iPad. Even though I own the complete series on PC the difference in eye candy does not justify the difference in easy of playing. Well, here are my two cents.

    I think the voice acting and cinematography are very good. If you look at this game as an interactive movie it is enjoyable. The jeep ride of the Harding duo picked up the pace and I very much liked the scenes from there on forward. Another good thing are the shaders and textures, especially for the dinosaurs. All the set pieces and environments are excellent. I like the fact that there is a scene after the credits.

    So, everything is fine, right? Well, I do have some criticism. The iOS version has several performance issues. The textures can be quite low resolution (the jeep) which is a shame, but fortunately most of the texture budget is put into the characters. What does annoy me are the hiccups (2 second freeze) and the frame rate dips into single digit territory (the intro with credits). This happens even when there are no other programs active. It may not be a honest comparison but Unreal Engine (Epic Citadel) manages to pump out a very high quality image smooth as silk with any application load so we know it is not the hardware.

    I think most of the game play issues have been discussed to death so I'll give that one a pass. But will I buy episode 2 and onward? Probably not. A couple of reasons;

    - No updates yet for episode 1. I expected performance updates since I can't be the only one (on a fixed hardware platform).
    - It is a very competent interactive experience but has almost zero replay value. At this price point (5.49 euro per episode) I expect 'something more' although I know it a reasonable price. Something like 2.99 seems more fair from an 'consumer shopping in the app store' perspective.
    - The audio quality seems lower than the PC version. This applies to the speech, the music is excellent.
    - There is no excuse for having no projected textures in the engine on the iPad</>

    I love adventure, iPads, Jurassic Park (the first book is awesome) and TellTale. But it is kind of hard to love this product. Too late, too shallow and too pricey is what comes to mind. Yet I don't regret the experience, it was a fun experiment.
  • I enjoyed it, not as a game but as a (somewhat) interactive experience... I love watching a good movie, and I admit I've always liked QTE stuff, all the way back to when I first played Dragons Lair (still love that game).

    Though I perfectly well understand why so many people here dislike it... I'm a huge fan of adventure games myself, and if I'd even half expected this game to be that, I'd be disappointed too.

    Though I should say that my main gripe with past Telltale games have been the often ridiculously easy puzzles, I've often found myself thinking they might as well not even be there when they're that easy... so in that way, I don't mind the lack of puzzles in JP that much, knowing that they'd probably be dead easy anyway.

    So yeah... I did enjoy this game, actually I enjoyed it very much! I found it an awesome ride from start to finish, I only wish it was longer... other than the bugs (that seem to be fixed by now? I tried it a bit when it was new and had plenty of bugs but this time when I sat down to play it properly, I didn't encounter any), I think Telltale did an amazing job with JP!
  • I finally got it on Xbox just last week and I quite liked it, but it had a few problems. I felt that the quick-time events were ok, but unneccessary with the lookaround and click on stuff gameplay.. If it was a point and click game, then quick-time for the action scenes, then it would be more better in that style.:confused:

    The graphics were sometimes unpolished, but the majority of them were the best I saw from Telltale. Well done there.:D

    The story made more sense if you watched the first movie. A nice companion to the amazing film.:)

    The atmosphere, just, awesome!:D

    The controls are simple, but I noticed a delay on analogue moves.

    The music is ok, but it repeats throughout the game. This was a gripe I had in BTTF. :(

    The voice acting is pretty good. Nothing to report here.:)

    In all, the game is a stepdown in gameplay, but the game is a great companion to the first movie. Give it a try. :D
  • that game was awesome ... not a real "game" but i loved it !
  • Using the pc game and even though I PURCHASED it, it will not allow me to unlock any scenes past jungle hack in episode 1 on the top line (which I have already beaten).
  • I bought the pre-order the disk for the UK launch and it arrived on-time yesterday, I've literally now finished the whole game.

    I'm a MASSIVE die-hard fan of Jurassic Park and the storyline is just fantastic. I always wanted to know what happened to that shaving cream can and TellTale worked out an excellent story.

    I LOVED the Troodon's. A fantastic addition to the series and brought a real creepy factor, especially in episode one and the Dilophosaur paddock scene.

    The only thing I didn't like was the split second timing on the controls as sometimes it would change from saying press ^ to press > which would mean you end up extinct but that is my only issue.

    Fantastic game and to sum it up thee best Jurassic Park game ever made.
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