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Best and Worst KQ Costumes (credit to Katie)

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KatieHal came up with this idea first, and it is a good one. It doesn't necessarily have to be the absolute best and worst costumes, it can be more of a discussion about the various costumes in the series.

I never particularly liked Valanice's KQ7 costume. But I think Edgar looked cool at the end of KQ7--The tunic and cape and whatnot. Some of Conor's outfits are really cool, though I wish they would've stuck with the Medieval Fisherman looking version of him.

Graham's outfit IMO is the best of course. I'm not really sure of what to think of Alex's in KQ6--Sometimes it looks cool to me but others it looks rather ridiculous. As for villains, it's a toss up between Lolotte, Mordack and Alhazred. Manannan is your standard dark wizard, Malicia is much akin to a female Disney witch type, and Lucreto...Lucreto is interesting, I will give him that. He probably comes in second place.
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  • if he's going to have a D&D class, after all, it's clearly wizard, not fighter.
    'thief', and 'assassin' might work as well...
  • Thief I could see--but the same can be said of the entire Royal Family.

    Assassin? Who did he kill? And I'm talking people who aren't monsters--the Minotaur, for example. Mannanan didn't die, nor did he kill Alhazred.
  • I wish we knew the Minotaur's motivations. He may not have been entirely bad at heart, or maybe he was good and turned evil because of traumatic events from his past. Heck, he and Celeste might even be secretly related! That would make Alexander's heartless murdering of the minotaur very tragic indeed.
  • I honestly have never seen an outfit in a KQ game and thought..... "now that is BAD@$$.."
  • I'm pretty sure Celeste & the Minotaur were in love, but getting him killed was her way of saying "I'm dumping you."
  • The Minotaur's past? Well the version given in the game and the game manual, he's been killing Winged One's maidens for many years... At least from the time Derek Karlavaegen came to the island, when the Ferryman was just a boy.

    Secondly, he is a sentient being, capable of language and speech, and has his own culture beliefs, practices and traditions (see creepy idols and alter in his room)... He is more than a 'monster'... In the same way that Beast is more than a monster (except the minotaur wasn't cursed by a witch). The winged ones send Alex in specifically to kill the beast, and rescue their daughter! Yes, Alexander was sent in to assassinate the Minotaur.

    That and most everyone on the islands believes he is some kinda 'assassin' thanks to Alhazred! Of course Alhazred believed he was going to come to kill him as well! Alhazred is also the guy who acknowledges that Alexander is a 'thief', but that he is the 'master thief'! But its probably one of the reasons that Winged Ones think that Alexander will be able to successfully kill the Minotaur is probably because they already believe he is a skilled 'assassin'!

    Alexander also killed Medusa! Poor old women, who just wants to be left alone to live her life in the desert!

    In the official spin off material, Alexander even went back to destroy the Pirates, by using his spells to call on C'thulhu! LOL.
  • Well, if the KQ6 Minotaur is anything like the Minotaur from Greek mythology, then he's probably the illegitimate bestial offspring of Lady Aeriel and a bull (whom she likely seduced while wearing a mechanical wooden cow costume).
  • If that was the case, I bet it would have had wings... LOL.
  • Speaking of the Winged Ones... I always was intrigued by the original concept for their appearance--like living statues hewn from solid white marble, with eerie blank eyes. Very fitting to their Ancient Roman-style environment.

    (Not that real Roman statues were so flawlessly white--often they were painted in gaudy colors, but the paint has worn off over time and Renaissance archaeologists failed to realize it was ever there.)




    In the final game the much more human Winged Ones, all dark-haired, instead resemble the typical physical traits of actual ancient Romans. (Oddly, though, the KQ Companion subverts this intention by ascribing red hair to Lady Celeste, instead of the dark hair she has in the actual game.)



    Perhaps it's for the best, as the "winged living statue" effect nowadays is more associated with Doctor Who....
  • I think the living statue thing would've been really cool. I wish that had stuck!

    ETA: Oh god then they'd be the Angels from Doctor Who!! Ahh! (Awesome.)
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