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The "whatever's on your mind" thread

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One of the things that's great about this forum is its randomness. Well, this is the epitome of it: a thread for whatever random thought happens to be passing through your mind.

For example, I've just been struck by the most random craving for Taco Bell nachos.
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  • Chyron, you misread my post. This isn't the first time I've seen his reviews. I've seen all of his reviews. These are the first reviews of his where I feel they were just yelling unfunny jokes at the screen. Because this time they were seriously unfunny, from complaining about things I didn't get [Spock saying "Hold your horse, Captain"] to screaming about a scene taking too long that's really only about six minutes long. Yes, he does do critical analysis, and it was better in the Final Frontier review, but it was overshadowed by him yelling at things he didn't understand that have logical explanations or a place in the story, IE the campfire scenes, which while are disjointed from the movie's plot, are also the best part of it and don't really deserve to be screamed at. It's like every time something happened he just screamed constantly.

    You know a good review of a Star Trek movie. One that doesn't use screaming. One that gets its points across without being grating and makes sense? Plinkett's Generations review. I don't like Plinkett's sense of humor, but thankfully he kept it to a minimum in that review, sticking instead to his brilliant critical analysis. Some of it is stuff Trek fans would only know, and some of it is stuff anyone could pick out. But hey, I've said my piece on those reviews of Doug's, and I simply don't have to watch them again. And I won't. And I don't expect a nice reaction from you when I say this, but I love The Motion Picture, I love Search For Spock, and I like some of the scenes in Final Frontier but I do acknowledge its general badness. Personally I find the bad TNG movies to be far worse and less enjoyable, especially Insurrection.

    I do generally enjoy Doug's videos, honestly. If I were to pick a favorite review, I might have to say Little Monsters. He's not my favorite reviewer on the site, and he does frequently get things wrong. But I enjoy him enough to keep watching. This was the first time I saw a review of his and couldn't find anything enjoyable at all.
  • Alcoremortis;578405 said:
    I'm not too fond of telling the internet my entire life story unasked. If people want to know, I'd like them to ask. At least so I can keep distinct what version of my past I've told people so I don't mess that up.
    I just use it to broadcast my inner thoughts and link to video and news articles that say more about me than posting that I had 3 eggs for breakfast after I burned them or something stupid like that.
    Johro;578413 said:
    Timeline is so much worse than the other updates, coolsome. It's a framing nightmare. Two columns with bisecting rows and you can't control it. It looks like garbage. A child's art project. Trash.
    Yup, but there's nothing I can do about that. I even sent my feedback, but ultimately, it's Zukerburg's site, and his team can do whatever the hell he wants.
    Alcoremortis;578426 said:
    I'm keeping my facebook, no matter what happens simply because there are lots of people where that is my only way of contacting them. Also, George Takei's posts are hilarious. Everyone should friend him because he's awesome.
    Takei's photos are the only reason I liked his page. :D
  • Nemesis I have no real opinion on, as it is the only Trek movie I have yet to see. I'm simply waiting because I promised a friend I'd let him show it to me, and we just haven't had the time.
  • Oh. Damn, sorry for being spoilery. I'll go back and spoiler tag that.
  • A toy of King Cold looking bored.

  • So, apparently my Dad is gonna make me a replica Deku shield for my room, to hang above my TV and consoles.
  • cool?
    um...I have an Iron Maiden "Somewhere In Time" flag hanging in my window. That's about the extent of my entertainment decor.

    So on Monday, Nan Desu Kan alerted everyone that they would be releasing the link to register for hotel rooms today at noon. This created a feeding frenzy that got all the rooms snapped up within 20 minutes. Luckily, I managed to get a room at all, but I missed out on an atrium balcony, so no decorating contest this year.

    What pisses me off even more about this is that when I went back and looked, I found that they posted the reservation link on the NDK forums ten minutes before everywhere else got it.
  • I've been watching some of a Let's Play Saints Row: the Third on youtube, and I now want it.
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