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L&O eps. 2-4 inLibrary,can only Remove or Back

posted by Trippybensonhedges on - last edited - Viewed by 173 users
I purchased the additional episodes of. The L& O series and downloaded what was available at the current date onto my iPad but only the initial episode 1 will play and when I search the library and select the other episodes, I am given an option of either REMOVE or BACK. I closed out of the app and reinstalled to no avail. Any hints on how I can solve this one? I really need this available to play or obviously it is of no use...
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  • Hi,

    As I explained in the other thread you posted in, you can play the episodes from the Episodes menu after hitting Play on the main menu. You can't start an episode from the Settings menu under the Library option. You can scroll left or right on the Episodes menu to select different episodes.

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