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  • So we have Tim and Ron, is Dave gonna join for those 8 months and make Day of The Tentacle 3 ?
  • This is a complete slap in the face to anyone who ever thought adventure games are dead.
  • taumel;580619 said:
    Btw. the trailer already is funny. :O)
    Hey, Can anyone say if I saw a new Grim Fandango concept art at 00:40?
    I'm pretty sure that wasn't around before...
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    This is A-FREAKIN'-MAZING. Backed (not that they need it now)!
  • @RMJ198
    I think it's safe to assume that this will be something new. Due to licence issues alone i don't expect it to be Grim Fandango 2 or Maniac Mansion 2 or whatever. But beside of that this also means that it won't be The DIG II, these are good news as it will be something new. I wonder how much the concept art Gilbert once posted on his grumpygamer account is related to this though.

    Anyway this is so great! This is THE TICKET FOR THE NUMBER NINE to get out of the TTG desaster area. Finally getting a great point&click adventure again. No weirdos trying to tell you that point&click can't be done or getting on your nerves with their dumb mass market adventure evolving blabla fantasies.
  • Yeah i do agree, no crappy wasd because of consoles or whatever. Point N Click is still superior to this game form.
  • This is really spectacular. I'll pledge something later today. That trailer is pretty hilarious too...

    "Adventure games are almost a bit of a lost art form... existing in our dreams, and memories, and Germany."

    :: chokes up :: I'm so happy!
  • The cynical bastard in me wants this to be a wake up call to Telltale to stop screwing around with sub-par releases (Back to the Future, Jurassic Park) and step their game up, back to their roots with classical Challenging Point & Clicks*. Happily Pledged money to this sight unseen, whereas I am wary of purchasing recent Telltale Games of late.

    *Remember Point and Click games? None of this "Drag your mouse" bs as if we're on a console...Seriously why did anyone think this was a good idea..:confused:
  • I just like that the game has sold over 12,000 copies at an average price of ~$43 already without any indication of what it even is beyond the genre and who is making it.
  • I think you can't calc it this way because a) 100k goes to the filming team and b) this will grow for the funding as well as there will be additional sales once the game will be done. I really really hope that this is the start for that DoubleFine will be making more adventure games in the future and i still think that Psychonauts would be a great game as an adventure but if Notch was serious and not after some self promotion for himself or Mojang as a publisher i also would take Psychonauts 2 as a jump&run.

    Where is AVistew? Someone needs to tell her that things are rolling again.
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