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  • Ideally, I'd like to wait and play the finished product before I watch any of the development stuff, so as not to spoil the experience of playing a new and unfamiliar Tim and Ron adventure for the first time, but I know I'm not going to be able resist the temptation.
  • I also was thinking about this luxury problem, on one side i want to experience the magic as a gamer and not as a developer but on the other side i'm curious about their workflow. Anyway it was a clever move from Schafer to set it up this way because this also will draw attention, and so funding, from people who are more interested in how DoubleFine or a game developer of this size and quality works, thinking of fans, devs or youngsters who want to get into game dev.

    What surpsrises me is that once you think about it that Kickstarter seems to be such an obvious alternative that if Schafer wanted to do a point&click adventure anyway the idea hasn't come up even before. I also wonder if things would be worse or better if he would have choosen a model where the supporters will receive some roi. I guess this would have attracted more bizz people and maybe less fans, but why not being both at the same time?
  • I'm so on board with this, I just wish I could afford more than $15. I have to say that at the moment I'm more interested in the documentary series, getting a look at the whole development process which I'm very interested in. Getting a game at the end just feels like a nice bonus.
  • It's a good thing Pounds are so awesome right now! Since I could donate $30 (somewhere near £18). Also this has to be the first time I've actually pledged for something on anything.
  • $626,391 and it's not even been a full day!
  • Mr Nutt;580647 said:
    It's a good thing Pounds are so awesome right now! Since I could donate $30 (somewhere near £18). Also this has to be the first time I've actually pledged for something on anything.
    High five to that brother! :D

    I've made a few pledges on there before. Mostly on stuff I definately know is going to be good and going to be finished, (like Octodad 2 and No Time to Explain).

    I'd love to use it myself one day, but shame there is no UK equivalent... :(
  • Finally! The increasingly low-quality Telltale monopoly of the genre is coming to an end! THANK GOD!
  • In the end of the day, no genre or platform is dead until people give up on it.

    Sure adventure games went underground because of the "ooh shiny" aspect of first person shooters like Doom, but its because of that downscaling and rethinking of the genre that has lead it to this point.

    I mean Sony still sell PS2s! Sure us first world consumers have given up on it, and developers have given up on it, but its still has its success on the developing markets. (where it can be produced and sold cheaply)

    I cetainly wouldn't think Telltale's success is a bad thing by any degree, and they are still a fairly young company, and mistakes are going to be made one way or another, (especially when one's success leads to a feverish pursuit of scale and diversity. Many companies in many industries do exactly this, and sometimes it sticks, and sometimes it fails miserably).

    Telltale still have to find ground before they realise that they are walking on air.

    Its especially encouraging to see old players come back via new medias. Truly the rise of the Digital empire has created a lot of opportunity for people to find their place.

    New markets, new technology, new opportunities, new opponents. Exciting isn't it! ;D
  • What? 16 hours? $700,000? That's pretty damn impressive.
  • This will easily go beyond a million. This is so satisfying.
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