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*SPOILERS* Was there a subplot cut out?

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The character of Dr. Sorkin's lab assistant got a rather pointless introduction during the end of Episode 1, and then he was just killed "off screen", with Sorkin not wanting to talk about it. Smells like a bigger subplot being removed from the game here.

Can any of the TTGers elaborate a bit on this? Sorkin being so devastated about it made it feel like it had some emotional potential there...
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  • ZerosTheWizard;561903 said:
    I was just thinking this as well. It seems like his only point in the game (as it stands now) is so that dr. Sorkin wasnt talking to herself when working on the computer. ... Then he promptly runs over to the quarantine pens and jumps in as his mission in life is complete >.>

    Im thinking he must have had at least a slightly larger role in the game or something, but it got cut. I mean... If he was there to also show that whatever was in the quarantine pens got out it wasnt really nessisary. With the power going out for so ling we can pretty much figure everything was free.

    This is a bit off subject but i also found it odd that dr. Sorkin kept saying they were isolated and far enough away from the dangerous predator pens that they wrre safe to walk around her lab area outside. But the quarantine pens are close enough to them where the assistant can run off to them, get killed and get noticed in... What? Less than an hour maybe?

    Maybe she killed him >.>
    I wrote almost every word of this, then just deleted it all, because it took too much space. ^-^ I was saying to myself

    'If it's so safe, then how come those pens that are not too far from you that held velociraptors, troodons, and god knows what else, is just somewhere close by, and then your genious friend decided to walk over to the quarantine pens saying 'Bye laura, I'm going to go and check on our loose and venomous dinosaurs that will give me a chance of 99% of getting bitten, but hey, who's counting?'

    Besides, what would she do there? She would be alone in there for quite awhile (I doubt anyone would want to come to that island.) She would run out of food, the power would give out soon. No one could run a whole island single-handed, and yet she trys to stay.
  • She was definitely cagey about it. She didn't ever want to go into the specifics of what happened. Definitely something suspicious there...
  • I really thought they were going to do something with this, like a flashback or even just finding his dead body. I was very surprised that it was never brought up again.
  • Well, as many people mentioned, it would've cost more money to make more models and I'm guessing TellTale was on a budget.

    It would've been nice to be able to see/do all of the things that everyone has listed though.
  • In the commentary they stated you would have gone to look for him and found his body, but due to the resource budget, it was cut.
  • Since TellTale does not comment much on this , I suspect this character has to do with an expansion pack that they may release someday !
  • iliekater;580470 said:
    Since TellTale does not comment much on this , I suspect this character has to do with an expansion pack that they may release someday !
    Telltale don't do expansion packs, like, ever. Developers have already admitted that the scene detailing the fate of the missing character was cut from the final game. I doubt we'll ever see it.
  • Who knows ? Maybe we'll see him on "Walking dead" :p !
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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff
    iliekater;580636 said:
    Who knows ? Maybe we'll see him on "Walking dead" :p !
    HA!! Great idea!

    To be honest, Sorkin's assistant was intended to be featured in the game more than he was, but never as part of some subplot we intended to develop further.

    In the first episode, he was mostly there so that Sorkin wouldn't sound like a kook talking to herself the entire time.

    In the original back story (Which may have changed at some point), David was helping Sorkin raise and study the Troodon in the unused Quarantine pens, until Hammond started decided to use them for a second group of Raptors, causing Sorkin and David to attempt to move the Troodon in secret, but several ended up escaping in the process.

    It's true that we ended up sacrificing the David model so that we could ultimately include more dinosaurs (Namely the Herrerasaurus), and since Mr. Backs had such a small part, his sacrifice (Both in the game and behind the scenes of Game production) was totally worth it.
  • iliekater;580636 said:
    Who knows ? Maybe we'll see him on "Walking dead" :p !
    Who knows ? Maybe we'll see an announcement on "Walking dead" sometime this month like we were promised a while ago :p !
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