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Best and Worst KQ game?

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Which are the best and worst KQ games, and why?
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  • yes I was talking about KQ2AGI.
  • See, all of this will be settled if Tell Tale releases a numbered next game, hmmmm??

    Is it 8 or 9??? THIS IS A BIG DEAL.

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    The official collection "King's Quest 7+8", includes "King's Quest VIII", developed by Sierra, published by Activision, released through services;
  • I'm pretty sure GoG designed those backgrounds, though, as they do for all the extras for the games they have available.
  • The backgrounds are actually pretty old... They go back to old magazine advertisements and the KQ8 Theme Pack (IIRC)...

    GoG apparently formatted them into higher res backgrounds though.

    Activision must have given them the masters though...

    Also GOG has said in the past when questioned, why they didn't release all the SQ or KQ games in one collection, that the publishers themselves decide on the collections (GOG just releases them). That is also one of the reasons why they haven't been able to get permission to include some of the 'expansion' material to some games, such as Privateer. They had to get special permission from the creators of Broken Sword to continue including the originals versions of BS1 and 2 as bonuses, when they added the special editions.

    Some series aren't even sold in collections, and sold individually.

    Apparently the publishers also have impact on the decision for pricing as well... Which is why some games cost $10 or more...

    So basically the companies decide on the collections (or even to release the games individually), and the pricing... I guess it allows the companies to make a little extra on the royalties...

    Here is Ken Williams own website;

    Although I think some of Ken's personal reliability is thrown out the window, when he calls The Silver Lining, King's Quest IX, and lists it as the next game in the series (though to give benefit of the doubt, its possible that someone else maintains his website, he just has put his name on it, but hasn't actually looked at all the content). Though within the forums, he does short hand to KQ8, or use King's Quest 8 quite a bit. What little I've looked through the archives.

    Mark Seibert, the co-producer of KQ8 also calls the game King's Quest VIII;

    Now if you go back to the primary sources (as credible historians do), the original material made during development and little after, from around circa (1995-1999), such as Roberta Williams interviews, as well as Interaction magazine, the various King's Quest Collections, some of the Sierra catalogs, you also find that Roberta Williams consistently called it King's Quest VII or King's Quest 8. The box itself and manual inside that box, also pointed out that it was the eigth game in the series. The manual even included one of those 'what came before' type sections, covering the history up to the events up to the 'current' game. Even the official Hintbook, called it King's Quest 8 as well...

    It's kind of like Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness, or Police Quest: Open Season, all of the promotional stuff called them QFG4 and PQ4 respectively, but the actual title screens/boxes left off that title! But you could certainly find references pointing out that they were the 4th game in each of their series!

    Even PQ promotional material for PQ:Swat and PQ:Swat 2 called those games PQ5 and PQ6 in all promotional material as well.

    It wasn't until SWAT3 that they dropped PQ out of all the promotional material. Although they were retroactively put back into the Police Quest series in certain Sierra collections. Such as the Police Quest: SWAT Generation collection (came with SWAT, SWAT2, and SWAT3).

    Also, here is another weird example from Activision! Modern Warfare 2, is called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on the box! But the title screens and ingame, make no reference to Call of Duty (at least it was that way on initial release)... Instead, the title screen just says Modern Warfare 2.

    Marketing and promotion are often complicated...
  • It's actually called the SWAT Career Pack and it comes with the 4 Most Wanted, SWAT 1, SWAT 2, and a demos of SWAT 3 and GK3. Still have the box.

    There was that whole ordeal with the executives at Infinity Ward getting axed by ActiVision for no good reason and they fought back with what was in their contracts. Something about any Call of Duty game that was made in modern times? Or maybe only specifically before modern times...I can't remember. Could be part of the reason. At any rate, Modern Warfare has almost become its own franchise now and doesn't need the COD label.
  • It's actually called the SWAT Career Pack and it comes with the 4 Most Wanted, SWAT 1, SWAT 2, and a demos of SWAT 3 and GK3. Still have the box.
    Nah, I'm speaking of a completely different collection, "Police Quest: SWAT Generation". IT was a 2003 release or so...
    Modern Warfare has almost become its own franchise now and doesn't need the COD label.
    I kinda agree, except that uses one or two characters who are related to characters from the previous series to link them together.

    With the third game, they went back to huge ol "Call of Duty", and called it "Call of Duty: MW3" on the box and title screen (abbreviating the Modern Warfare subtitle).
  • Oh really? Interesting. Does it contain the 4 Most Wanted as well?
  • Nah, it's purely Swat 1-3. I can't remember if it had a preview for SWAT 4 or not.
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