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The "whatever's on your mind" thread

posted by GuruGuru214 on - last edited - Viewed by 429.1K users
One of the things that's great about this forum is its randomness. Well, this is the epitome of it: a thread for whatever random thought happens to be passing through your mind.

For example, I've just been struck by the most random craving for Taco Bell nachos.
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  • DAISHI;581657 said:
    Stereotyping doesn't suit you.
    Heh. I have my own personal reasons for hating Modern Warfare 3, (older and much more immature brother rages on it all the time and its annoying), and besides it was all in good jest.

    (And in experience, most of the people I hear him play in their headsets are kids. Its actually pretty funny. As he has to stop and mute everyone every time he plays! XD)

    Also, the French seem to realy love Soul Calibur.
    (There are more french lobbies and players than British players. Almost on par with the Americans)
  • Last night I went to the pub with a group of friends and proceeded to get very drunk on wine. Then one of my mates brought me a shot of vodka, followed by another friend doing the same. I vaguely recall stumbling back home in the early hours and walking straight into a lamp post! This morning, I checked the damage and I've got a large gash on my forehead. Vodka and I do not make the best of friends!

    I felt like a right Barry Burton! "What! What is this?! Blood! I hope this is not Chris' Davies' blood. Oh, it is; crap!"
    Johro;581559 said:
    RIP Phil Hartman. That was a great clipshow episode by the way.
    I saw that episode last night as well. It's my favourite episode, alongside 'Behind the Laughter'.
  • Its not over yet!

  • Klatuu;581708 said:
    That's brilliant. Took me awhile to remember what day it is. Tuesday, right?

    Happy Tuesday, everyone!
  • Alcoremortis;581720 said:
    That's brilliant. Took me awhile to remember what day it is. Tuesday, right?

    Happy Tuesday, everyone!
    Nowt special, this Tuesday. Now next Tuesday, that's something else!
  • Jack do you remember what day tomorrow is?
  • I just realized I'm close enough to everything that I can pretty much bike everywhere and not spend money on transportation. I also realized that I am a bit of a money hoarder.
  • Giant Tope;581740 said:
    >money hoarder.
    This can be a really good habit to be in. Keep it up.
  • Hmmm...

    After reading up on the infamous "squall is dead at the end of the 1st disc" fan theory (FFVIII), its got me wondering about a RPG I had thought up before.
    (Along with another article about relationships and videogames, and stuff like Dear Esther ect that blogs are talking about)

    Well, when I say RPG, it would not exactly be like a JRPG game made with RPG Maker, (though I may consider using RPG maker for it).

    Its that investigator fantasy/noir game.
    (The one with the middle aged inspector stumbling across a fantasy world)

    Its got my mind back to generating alternate endings/storylines, (in essence the game would have been like Silent Hill, in the sense that the right conditions at certain checkpoints in the game would spark an alternate ending, or different story path).

    I mean, there is a lot to explore given the character I created.

    He could be a man experiencing an extreme mid-life crisis (one great delusion linked to his disatisfaction at his life (wanting to change career/location, but afraid of "betraying" his family/friends/commitments))

    He could be a man, (like in this squall theory), who actually died near the beginning of the game, (he would see a shadow while investigating a crime scene, and he picks up a bullet off the ground he didn't see before), and is experiencing a sort of outerbody experience before his death.

    He could be a sort of "doctor" and his "awakening" is part of some larger interdimensional plot.
    (The Doctor Who ending)

    He could literally be a sort of "chosen one", stepping forward to determine the fate of two worlds seperated long ago.
    (The dreamfall/sonic X ending! XD)

    He could be in a futuristic virtual reality experience, designed to analyse, train and educate people in preparation for re-intergration into society.

    Seriously. A lot of possibilities already.
    (In a span of about an hour)

    I'd love to pick say, 10 possible endings and plot out a storyline that includes references to them.
    (Maybe a few joke/parody endings as well! :D)

    Shame Uni and my lack of drive is preventing me from making anything.
    (Its my main personality flaw. Great at ideas, a visionary, but putting them into practice and getting it done is really, really hard! :/ (being in a team helps me. Just wish I knew some fellow enthusiasts :(). Plus again, my fear of approaching people makes matters harder as well. :()

    But at least these posts are here, ready for me to pick back up eventually when I'm ready.
    (If not, then they sink back into abyss, no harm done)
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