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law & order legacies

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the game says i can dl parts 4 and 5 but when i press the install it says i don't have a strong enough connection. i have a pc
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Parts 4 and 5 were actually not available at the end of business day yesterday (even though they appeared to be, because of an issue on Telltale's end), so they probably won't be available before (at the very least) the beginning of today's business day (Telltale time, that is). I'm not saying that they WILL be available today, only that they're most likely not available just yet for PC/Mac (for the record, I just tried to download them on my Mac and it's not working either).

    Here's what Telltale's Michael Parks said yesterday afternoon in another thread:
    Michael Parks;581971 said:
    Episodes 4 and 5 haven't been made available for the PC/Mac version yet. They'll be released soon.
    And he also said this a little later in another one:
    Michael Parks;581996 said:
    That episode isn't actually available just yet on the PC/Mac, but will be very soon. I know it's showing as being available within the game right now, but the actual download hasn't been made available yet. The issue is being looked into right now, and I apologize for the inconvenience.
    EDIT: There's no announcement on the blog, but I have just downloaded the Mac versions of episodes 4 and 5 and the PC versions are now available as well.
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