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Jurassic Park: The Game - Movie

posted by Samy42 on - last edited - Viewed by 902 users
I pretty enjoyed it ... but i wish there would be a "cinematic" mode, where you can "watch" the whole game without interruptions or slow anmiations because of button smashing or those small puzzles.

i really liked it and it fits perfect into the jurassic park universe ... so it would be pretty cool to watch it like sitting on the couch with a beer in the hand you know ... :)

will there even be a mod or something ? the game didnt get the attention like the other games - specially here in europe where the retail is coming end of the month :mad:

so please TTG dont let it die ... at least give us the posibility to "watch" the game without button smashing :)

(2.part or an "action adventure remake" will cut it also...)

what are you thoughts ? should TTG make it possible at least for the PC users to watch the game without interruption ?
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  • It's available on youtube .
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