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Season 4 Speculation/Suggestion Thread

posted by Tricky_bluefox on - last edited - Viewed by 39.7K users
I'm addicted to it I need it and it's awesome so after I'm done playing the devils playhouse ten more times when can I expect to pre order season 4
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  • New Characters and Returning Characters:
    (I dont want any from the cartoon)


    Grandpa Stinky

    Grandma Stinky



    Bosco and Sybil


    Jimmy Two Teeth

    Mack Salmon (Comic) (Not a Villain in the Game)

    Abe Lincoln


    Harry Moleman

    Flint Paper

    The Auditor from Hell (takes Satan's palce)


    Bosco's Inconvenience (It is moved somewhere else

    Bosco's Souvenir shop ( Found in every country or special location Sam and Max go to)
    Names for Each Bosco Shop in Location

    - Boscos Brasserie
    -Boscos "Pitchforks and Sporks" shop located in hell
    - Boscos "Martian Modulato" Sovenir shop located in the moon
    .... I'm out of Bosco ideas maybe you can help

    The Office
    Sam and Max's House (seen in the comic)
    White House
    Las Vegas
    Captain Cornies Corndog Factory
    .... ran out of ideas

    Thats all
  • Sounds like they are planning on catering to us Sam and Max fans:
    Read this thread
  • A new feature S&M S:4 should have is a interrogation feature which allows the player to get hints and clues about the inner story/ problem of the episode.

    Flint Paper should teach S&M to interrogate suspect, and use clues to buck up their reasons.


    Grandpa Stinky stole a new type of alien technology from the place where the meteor hit.

    Evidence: Stinky's Corn meal & Grandpa Stinky's worst cook of the century award.

    S&M walk in to Stinky's diner & go interact with Stinky

    (random conversation option)
    (random conversation option)
    (random conversation option)
    (random conversation option)
    (interrogate) {click}

    GS: What do you want
    S&M: We're here to ask you some questions
    GS: What would that be
    S&M: Where were you last night, probably during the loud crash
    GS: I was in my diner
    (He looks slyly around and does not give eye contact with Sam or Max)
    (You choose three answers: Truth, Doubt, Lie)
    {clicks lie}
    GS: Wheres your evidence
    S&M: (check inventory) find medallion and corn meal
    GS: Oh, im very sorry I will give it back to you.

    Would anyone agree with putting this feature in the game??
  • Tricky_bluefox;365801 said:
    I think This is a good list of human people that should be considered or at least similar to that of their personalities or their ghost:
    Drew carey
    Frank Sinatra
    Emilie Autum
    A famous wrestler
    Criss Angel
    St trinians characters
    Chris Tucker
    Chris rock
    James bond and characters
    Dave chappelle
    Now some animal characters:
    Sand cat
    Lynx theif
    Kung Fu tiger
    Arch nemisis pit
    Capybara spy
    No Lorne (The Friend for Life)? I just like him because his theme song was oddly entrancing.
  • pepsiboy3;552185 said:
    now is my turn...

    Places to go:
    The New Office
    Sam & Max's House
    The Street
    Sub-Basement of Solitude
    The Moon
    White House
    The Mars
    HELL (season 2 episode 5)

    Pop culture references:
    wizards of waverly place (actors voice)
    The Muppets
    Phineas and Ferb (animation movie and tv sereis)
    Team Fortress 2 (mann co.)
    Sonic Generations
    Mario kart 7
    portal 2
    Penny Arcade
    Johnny test
    Disney pixar's cars one and two (for the new DeSoto like this one.)

    New & Return Characters (Male or Female):
    The Geek (new voice or not?)
    the Aliens (from mars)
    Flint Paper
    Mack Salmon
    Sybil Pandemik's baby
    Moo Hoo Man
    Sam Jr.
    Gabe Newell (cameo appear)
    Oops, someone else suggested Lorne. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of The Geek, I've always viewed her (I think. Was the Geek female? I don't think I was sure even when I watched the show) as a product of Executive Meddling. New idea: a Fizzball minigame.
  • I hope Telltale return to doing SnM games soon. I'm not enjoying the licensed games as much as the older things.
  • The older things were also licensed games.
  • whos ready for sam and max
  • thesporkman;574892 said:
    The older things were also licensed games.
    True, but they weren't huge licenses.

    You know what I mean anyway.
  • I loved playing this game so much I own a 92 throwback T shirt, Have all three seasons & own the original LucasArts Copy on PC. Please make season 4:cool:
    Also Im playing Season 3 episode 303 right now for the 3rd time lol
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