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When can we expect to see SOMETHING about Telltale's KQ?

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I wonder when we'll see or hear something substantial about Tell-Tale's King's Quest game.

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  • We won't know what they are going to do, until we know any details... they simply haven't released any information on the new King's Quest game...
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    thom-22;583640 said:
    This isn't really unexpected, though, is it? I thought it became clear somewhere between the releases of BTTF and JP that Telltale's design philosophy calls for trivially interactive content-delivery systems. I don't see them ever making another adventure game except possibly with properties that have a history as adventure games, and even then I'm not sure what to expect.
    Unexpected? No.

    Disappointing? yes.

    I happen to be a walking dead fan as well, and I would simply rather read a side story or watch the TV show over guiding some character around a world without "many barriers" (ie: challenge).

    They are getting into rats nest by tackling these properties that have cult followings. From JP, to BttF, to Walking Dead, and KQ - what I simply don't get is who they are targeting with these games? How many people are going to play a walking dead game that aren't fans of the series? To the average person it would simply appear to be another zombie game. And both BttF and JP rely on nostalgia from the series to carry them - as neither have any recent movies to highlight the series with a new crowd.

    Finally, KQ is very specific property. If you don't design it with the original fans in mind, then who the hell do they expect to play it?
  • The problem is there are way too many Telltale fanboys who will accept anything TTG does just because there hasn't been an official King's Quest in years. I can't stand the argument "At least they're doing something with it! We have a new King's Quest game!" What's the point if it's nothing at all like the originals? That's my fear. I'd rather see it stay dead with dignity than be revived as a joke and a hollow shell of what it once was.
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    agreed 100%. Those who are happy "something is being done with it" fail to realize that bad games can (and will) damage the series and any chance for future revivals.
  • However, on the other end of the spectrum is they end up creating a game that has mainstream appeal, and great success. Which hen continues onto its own sequels. But it may not be loved by the many of the long core fans.

    That might be worse for many KQ fans as it might insure that KQ never returns back to the original style. But exists on as something else.

    Realize that Telltale games seems to churn out games although not always critically appealing to professional critics, seem to appeal with more mass market casual gaming market... Where they see great success, and it seems to influence designers further than that road. It's quicker, cheaper, and more productive for them. That's how capitalism works, develop for the greater audience... Even if that turns out to be pandering to thr lowest common denominator...
  • In response to some of the questions aimed my way, no I have not played anything by Telltale since Sam & Max season 3 cause my computer cannot handle it, and even that had to be played at a relative's house. I've been interested in playing BttF and JP, but haven't been able to find a way to play them yet, unless I can somehow rent them for the Xbox or something (which I haven't been able to).

    So when I hear people talking about how "easy" the games seem, the only games that spring to mind are stuff like Tales and TDP, neither of which seemed too easy although I'll admit they weren't terribly hard; in fact, they were just right in my eyes.

    In regards to not wanting KQ to be a "series of flashing lights you click on" or however you described it, I can understand that completely. However, I don't want them to get the kind of idea that.. say.. Capcom had when they made Megaman 9. "Oh, people want old school action, that must mean they want it unbelievably hard, insta-kills everywhere, and pixel perfect reflexes." And then deliver a game that was, for me, a whole lot harder and less enjoyable than the NES games had been. Thankfully they fixed that with 10, but I think you get what I mean.

    I think some of you may have misinterpreted my generalizing for specific people, and I know I shouldn't generalize but it's been hard to break out of that habit once you fall into it. And gods have I fallen into it the last few years, what with unrelenting cynicism and pessimism constantly cropping into my posts.

    I didn't mean for the post to be an "all out attack" on people, and I do apologize that it apparently came out that way. Although, Thom-22, instead of simply dissecting what I said with little quips that sound like you're quoting from a dictionary, going into more detail would've been nice. That just made you seem.. pompous.

    In regards to difficulty.. well, it IS something I'm really touchy about, and yes I did go off on a tirade about it and I let it start consuming my post which wasn't my original intention, but I never really notice when I'm switching gears/topics in the middle of my writing, I'm afraid.

    The fact is, I DO see a lot of people complain about difficulty and games today. So when I heard you guys saying stuff about TTG's being easy, and as I said I hadn't played the last two games so I didn't know you were being specific about them, I thought you were talking about all their games being easy. Which sounded to me like you guys didn't want TTG to make this at all because you didn't like how they make games.

    If that's not what you were implying, I apologize.
  • Just because it's too hard and frustrating for you doesn't mean it is for everyone else too. Many of us complain about game difficulty nowadays being to EASY. Between checkpoints, rechargeable health, in-game hints, there's nothing that provides a challenge anymore. A lot of us enjoyed the difficulty of the early games, however difficult to believe that must be to you.

    And I don't like how TTG has been making games lately. They're getting worse with each release.
  • I don't know.. I think they are just doing new things... I think they will return to form with Kings Quest... and then hopefully another Sam and Max.. and I dare to wish for a second season of Tales of Monkey Island.
  • Hiroshi Mishima;584258 said:
    Although, Thom-22, instead of simply dissecting what I said with little quips that sound like you're quoting from a dictionary, going into more detail would've been nice. That just made you seem.. pompous.
    Funny, your high-handed accusation
    Hiroshi Mishima;583286 said:
    Wow, talking out your asses much?
    gave me the same impression of you.

    To elaborate on one of my quips, then...
    Hiroshi Mishima;583286 said:
    ... the topic of difficulty in modern gaming, and the way some people cling to the notion that everyone loves ridiculous challenges or inane logic puzzles kind of gets to me.
    I don't think anyone has that notion in the first place, let alone clinging to it. In fact, I'm a great believer in variety and think the range of video games -- in terms of genre, ease, length, etc. -- available today is a wonderful thing; there's something for everyone. Do you think every game should be (non-optionally) easy? If so, then aren't you going to the opposite extreme of what you so vigorously denounced in your post? If not, if you allow that some adventure games can be designed to satisfy those who like the challenge, then why not this one?

    A new King's Quest game, more than any other prospective title I can think of, deserves to be on the difficult end of the spectrum. (With devices employed, eg. a hint system, to make it optionally easier for those who prefer it.) Because of its pedigree, because its fan base is unbelievably intact after all these years and at least some substantial portion appreciated the challenges offered in the original games. You say that what we say sounds wrong. Well, the idea that a new KQ game would be tailored for people who played the originals in spite of finding the puzzles too difficult, rather than for those who truly enjoyed them, is what sounds totally wrong to me.

    You're of course not the first person to describe Sierra-style gameplay using terms like "ridiculous" and "inane". But that doesn't mean those things are objectively quantifiable; they're a matter of opinion and neither of us is qualified to know where any particular puzzle falls except for ourselves. Personally, I always found the vast majority of puzzles in KQ to be perfectly reasonable, and very little that I would call ridiculous or inane. Moreover, I would rather play a game where I might run into the odd ridiculous puzzle than one where I'm led by the hand to self-contained, bland and simplistic puzzles as in Telltale's last two games. You're welcome to disagree with that -- and I know plenty of adventure gamers who would indeed disagree. But if you think I'm talking out of my ass for having that preference, well, I would say that's pretty narrow-minded.
  • If you look at the puzzle design in episodes 1 and 4 of Tales of Monkey Island by Mike Stemmle it was kind of perfect. They've got Jurassic Park, Back to the Future & Walking Dead which seems to be stories, not games, but I'm pretty confident they'd return to adventure game mechanics for a King's Quest game. I think its noble Telltale want to make story and writing a focus in games, because its basically non-existent in most of these shooters etc. I think they've probably got the balance wrong though, because if I wanted just story I could watch the TV show or movie, the reason I play a video game is because I want to feel like I have some control over what happens.
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