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Playstation Vita

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Since we have a thread specifically designed to deal with the 3DS, I feel that it's only appropriate to have one for the Vita too now that it's out.

Has anyone picked one up so far? Which version? Games?
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    i wish i could buy one
  • I would already have one...if the memory cards weren't so freaking expensive. Seriously, $100 for 32GB? Really? I 'm pretty sure I already have more than that in regards to PSP-compatible download games.
  • i am posting from mine right now.. i got the wifi one.
    uncharted.. awesome
    little deviants.... pretty much a tech demo
    modnation.... mario kart is still better
    wipeout... its ok i guess if you are into that kind of thing.

    i also picked up the three free ar card games on psn
    table soccer
    and some diver game .. forgot the name

    what im really looking forward to is little big planet vita
  • Looks good, but Ill probably wait a bit before I get one. LBP Vita is surely something I am looking forward to.
  • Wouldn't mind getting one, but its pretty darn expensive, and the 3DS is picking up steam now.

    I think Sony shot themselves in the foot with the memory cards.
    The unit price, is comparable to the 3DS at launch, that isn't too bad.
    The games are also pretty alright, price wise.

    But then, you get ridiculously expensive and pointless memory cards, that are pretty much vital for those who download stuff of PSN (Like me!!), and my experiences with the PSP having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM, has personally put me off it.

    EDIT: Oh and I can't play any PSP games on it. Good thing I only have a handful of old PSP games, so its not such a big deal, but its the principle of it really.
    (I mean I always want to buy used retail games of the previous consolefor dirt cheap to play on the new one, to tide me between releases. THAT IS VEEEEERRRRYYY IMMMPPPOOOORRRTAAANTTT SOOOOONNNYYY!!!)

    EDIT 2: Oh and the digital versions of the games that are supposed to be cheaper than retail versions, are actually in reality MORE EXPENSIVE!
    (Online Retailers 1 Sony -37.4)
  • worse the memory card is needed to play ANY game on it... so unless you pay sony for an expensive memory card made by them for their system your hand held game system.. can not actually play any games.... I do not see how they thought that would win them points from their consumers... pretty shady move if you ask me... but ... OH well.... They could have at least made them compatible with standard SD cards.. but... then they couldnt sell you more stuff.. so really if you are planning on getting one add about $30-$100 to the final cost of the unit because it really is not much without a memory card...
  • Do you guys believe that they will have Jurassic Park The Game for this kind of portable device?
  • bloodkiller630;584177 said:
    Do you guys believe that they will have Jurassic Park The Game for this kind of portable device?
    Possibility, but telltale hasn't said anything when it comes to the PSvita, so who knows.
  • I'm getting the PS vita but I dont know when, My first two games will be little big planet (PS Vita version) and Gravity Rush
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