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L&O Episodes Download Failed

posted by fhlusk on - last edited - Viewed by 262 users
I purchased the episode 2-7 pack for the Ipad. Everytime I try to download it says to "restart and try again with a strong connection". I've tried this numerous times with the same result. Even tried to reinstall and a different connection with no difference.

Any help? Thanks.
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  • As the message indicates, you will need a strong connection to the Internet prior to starting the download. If you're certain you have a solid wifi connection, please try power cycling the device and then following the steps below to sign out of your iTunes account prior to beginning the download again.

    1: Load the Settings app on your device.
    2: Tap Store in the settings menu.
    3: Tap your Apple ID.
    4: Tap Sign Out.

  • Didn't work, tested my internet connection, it's very strong. Even tried downloading it at work instead, still failed. Have tried once everyday for the past few days with no result.
  • Bought the bundle pack. I'm on a solid wifi connection and no episodes will download! ... the hell telltale?
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