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Playstation Vita

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Since we have a thread specifically designed to deal with the 3DS, I feel that it's only appropriate to have one for the Vita too now that it's out.

Has anyone picked one up so far? Which version? Games?
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  • I got the 3G just so I wouldn't regret getting the Wifi-only later. Picked up 3 games:

    Uncharted - It's Uncharted. It's awesome, obviously.
    Katamari - This is my first Katamari game. Granted, it's freaking weird but it's a hell of a lot of fun.
    Wipeout 2048 - Haven't tried it yet. Love Wipeout HD so I'm sure I'll enjoy this.
    RingmasterJ5;584146 said:
    I would already have one...if the memory cards weren't so freaking expensive. Seriously, $100 for 32GB? Really? I 'm pretty sure I already have more than that in regards to PSP-compatible download games.
    I sold my PSP 1000 (from 2005) and about 10 games and got over $100 for them. $100 may not sound like a lot but it was honestly more than I expected.
  • Eh, I'll just wait to get the system when the memory card price inevitably drops.

    I did look at trade-in deals, though. Best Buy has a REALLY good one where you get $75 off with a trade-in of a PSP, plus and extra 40% trade-in bonus on any games traded in towards it, too.
  • I didn't see the appeal of the original PSP, and I doubt I'll see the appeal of the new one. I don't have the money for a new system, hell, the 360 really set me back when I got it.

    However, I abhor the original Xbox and later fell in love with the 360 (or rather many of it's games). so there's really no way to be certain. I've yet to think of the 3DS as worth the price. In fact, I'm pretty pissed at Nintendo for the horrible launch price, which my cousin actually paid, only to not have a 3DS specific game for it until the price-cut later on. Granted that was as much my cousin's fault for wanting one at launch, but the original price was still ludicrous.

    Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, no, I didn't like the Xbox 360 right away, either. I didn't want until until around 2010 after playing my cousin's for most of that year, and picked up a Slim during Black Friday that year. So yeah, what I said about "maybe eventually wanting one" could still happen, but much like the PS3, Sony hasn't impressed me these past few years.
  • Haven't owned a portable system since the Gameboy brick(I think I still have it actually). The last thing I need is to also play games when I'm not home. I have a few games on my iPod and a couple on my Android, and surprise, I never play them. The Vita just isn't going to be for me.
  • If I get one my first game will have to be either GTA, if they have one, or uncharted! The original psp my first game ever played was GTA Liberty City Stories!
  • Got the impression this thing would be locked down like a safe, which is a shame. The only thing I use portables for is emulation, which the Xperia Play has covered.
  • I will say that the screen is crisp and clean the graphics they achieved on uncharted are pretty amazing easily leaps better looking than the first game.
  • I've been really impressed with the screen and graphics on it, way better than I was expecting. I haven't even tried out Uncharted which I got yet either.
  • DrRocketGenius;584224 said:
    Wipeout 2048 - Haven't tried it yet. Love Wipeout HD so I'm sure I'll enjoy this.
    Wow, someone else who loves Wipeout HD! Do you play on the PS3? If so, add me to your friends list so that we can have an online tournament.

    [CENTER]St_Eddie (PSN ID)[/CENTER]
  • the only reason i got wipout was because it was free after a buy two get one free deal... on select titles... and i didnt really care about my choices..
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