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  • Noname215;584486 said:

    5. God of War III.

    I suppose that's better. Though, I apologize for earlier. You're entitled to like what you like. I just don't agree at all with that particular choice.
  • No one else thinks much of Mother 3's ending? :(
  • I think it's more that not enough people have played Mother 3. Or the Mother series.
  • Which is a damn shame, but I myself am not blameless. Despite loving EarthBound growing up, and playing EB0 (which had a pretty interesting ending), I've not gotten around to playing Mother 3.

    Of course, that would've been a non-issue if Nintendo had just released the damn thing instead of taunting us and ruining crap with Brawl. *fume*

    I need to get around to playing it, it's just that it involves staying at my computer constantly. I'm looking to try and figure out how you do flashcart stuff for the DS, I just don't have the stuff to do it and am afraid it's expensive. But it'd be nice to play old games on the go.
  • Giant Tope;584549 said:
    No one else thinks much of Mother 3's ending? :(
    Forgive me for living but I never played it.
  • DAISHI;584697 said:
    On the Mother 3 ending, I think you're missing that Japan has a cultural stigma on nature and the damage mankind does to the planet by its very existence, owing to their experience with the atomic bomb.
    so.. what?
    Symbolism that mankind got what they deserved?
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