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Playstation Vita

posted by DrRocketGenius on - last edited - Viewed by 3.7K users
Since we have a thread specifically designed to deal with the 3DS, I feel that it's only appropriate to have one for the Vita too now that it's out.

Has anyone picked one up so far? Which version? Games?
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  • I always regret trading in/chucking stuff away not long after I do it, so I never bother these days. If you're short of cash you may as well though.

    Just a shame certain PSP games, like Crisis Core and Birth by Sleep, aren't available on the PSN to buy.
  • ^Seconded. I regret trading in stuff. :(

    (Except for Fable 3. That game actually made me HATE it!!)
  • I traded in Mass Effect 2 for near full price three months after beating it(taking advantage of a GameStop trade-in promo and a Mass Effect 2 trade-in value that wasn't updated to get $53 in credit for it). I then paid $5 for it on Steam later. Overall, I'd say things worked out.
  • I suppose with something like Mass Effect being on both console and PC, that's a more understandable logic. Trading it in and getting almost all of your money back and then getting it for tuppence on Steam was a really good move.

    Most of the stuff I'd have to trade in is not available on PC, however, unless I can find a way to emulate it, though.
  • seibert999;584948 said:
    I am looking for extra workers.
    Seibert, this is not the place for that. If you are looking for people to help you make a game, why not try a dev forum? Google around, there are lots of them. But this is not really a place to ask for help MAKING games, especially in an unrelated thread.

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    i think i accidentally wrote it in the wrong thread
  • Alcoremortis;584750 said:
    I once got a hundred bucks for crawling under my parents house looking for rats. See if your parents have a rat problem.
    seibert999;584753 said:
    they dont have one
    They don't have a house?! ...Oh, I see.
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    Davies;584973 said:
    They don't have a house?! ...Oh, I see.
    i meant they dont have a rat problem
  • seibert999;584986 said:
    i meant they dont have a rat problem
  • I would buy a Vita if I didn't have to replace my nearly broken 360.
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