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Official Telltale games Lego sets?

posted by Victory63 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.7K users
With the recent news of an official Lego Minecraft set to be released, shows that anything is possible provided fans show demand for it. As seen with the Lego Cuusoo program, any property could be turned into official Lego sets provided it has 10,000 votes and consent from the owner of the license. So my suggestion is that if possible, could we maybe see any official Telltale games Lego featuring sets or mini-figures based on any of their games?
Either just one set or a collection of figures based on the characters would be amazing. Possibly only based on current licensed or Telltale owned franchises. Plus through Lego Cuusoo, you'd be able to see before production an exact number of predicted sales based on the votes for the project.

So hopefully, could Telltale games ever consider making an official Lego set(s) based on any of their games through the Lego Cuusoo program?

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