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205: what's it gonna look like and whö`s gonna be in there?

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1. In every episode there are 3 new rooms (toilet and spaceship in the last episode). In the last episode, Telltale did a good twist, so you can visit the old lokations in a new style and you don't have that hanging around your street no more (though I don't dislike it). I guess, you can't drive to the office and hell back again, so how's Telltale gonna manage to wrap it up? Are they gonna animate more rooms? My suggestion is, that there will be a hellish version of their street.

2. About 3 new charakters are introduced in every episode (santa, elf, stinky/ moai heads, babies, oceanchimps/ Jürgen, zombies, Frankenstein's-monster-lookalike monster/...). So who's it gonna be now? I guess, aside from Bosco, we'll meet Jürgen, Santa and Mr. Spatula again, probably also the old Stinky, maybe even Hugh Bliss. A new charakter might be the devil, but the devil might also be someone we know. Someone mentioned in another forum, that the young Stinky's maybe the devil, which I found interesting. If it is someone we know, I guess it would be someone we know for long (:confused:it wouldn't be the old Stinky fo instance) because then the surprise is bigger. I'd be most happy, if Mr. Spatula turned out to be the evil brain behind this scheme.

Yeah, that's it, you can write some suggestions, I just wanted to spread mine.
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